Sparkle Stories – GREAT if you have little kids

My boys were little before we had portable DVD players, so when we did road trips we listened to books on tape.  We actually still do that, though we take movie breaks sometimes during long trips (meaning over 2 hours).

It can be a challenge to find really good quality stories to listen to, that not only the kids enjoy, but we do to!  They have many categories of stories for kids 3 and up.

Well, I found a wonderful treasure – Sparkle Stories.  Beautiful stories for children that have great messages and are peaceful to listen to.  I had to share this wonderful Valentines Day special they are having.   A free Junkyard Tale story (T3’s favorite characters) and a free month subscription to Martin and Sylvia stories.  YAY!

We listen to these stories during carpool to our charter school and it makes the drive so wonderful.

But they are great for when kids are sick or if they need some down time and you want a break from a screen.  Listening to stories is a GREAT way to learn so many things.


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