I am super busy running around with the 3 boys and doing my calling.



I love that I can pray about things and be led as to what to do.  I have been pondering T2 lately and wondering what to do with his talent. I felt like it was time to take a step towards a more formal education for his vocals.  But I didn’t want just normal voice lessons as he also composes his own music and needs theory and reading music.  I was praying about it and kept getting a name that popped in my head.  After a few days I finally called and she has a solution that I think will be ideal.  So we are moving forward with starting that this week.  More business.  🙂



I am super happy because I am healthy and able to do all that I need to do. I also have learned to say NO so I can say YES to the things that are really important.  Though sometimes I still say yes to things that are not necessary, though when led by the spirit that they are important I do them.  Though this week I started the process to add something that is not necessary and I have not been led to do. Luckily it isn’t a permanent commitment, we can do when we have them time if we want.



It has been a year since T1 broke his jaw and arm mountain biking.  What could have been traumatic, was manageable thanks to inspiration to read a book and support of family and friends.  And mostly because T1 is unflappable.  He dealt with everything without missing a beat.  No complaining and healed up wonderfully.  He still loves to mountain bike and Rob and I try to stay calm while he is out on adventures with friends.


My 4×4 experiment is not going so great.  On Sunday we looked at the calendar and found 4 nights we could eat together as a family.  Well with the voice lessons Carson is starting today we lost one of our free nights.  Lessons are 5:15-6:15. Normally we could eat at 6:30 and make it work, but I had a meeting at church at 6:30.  So the boys and I ate at 4:45 and Rob ate when he got home.

Busy – I really am trying not to be too busy, but I guess when there are 5 of us it is hard to connect.

So 3 meals this week, unless we eat dinner at 4 on Saturday before T2 heads to a birthday party?


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  1. I’m glad you found a way to help T2 develop his talent. I’m excited to see how he progresses!

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