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I reviewed a Pregnancy Planner a year or so ago and realized I had the one they sent me to review in my desk.  It is brand new and needs an owner!  🙂

When I was pregnant, I had the hardest time remembering things. This malady is fairly typical for pregnant moms.

Pregnancy Brain

It is inevitable, which is a shame during a time when you have so many details to remember. I was excited to get Pam Socolow’s Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer and Planner to review.

A good planner is a great tool, especially with all the information you need to keep handy and easily accessible during pregnancy!

Product Description

Becoming a mom is extraordinarily exciting! However, with so much to accomplish before the baby arrives it can also be hugely overwhelming and the Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer & Planner can help her get organized before the baby arrives.

With the Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer & Planner, everything she needs to plan for her baby’s arrival is right at her fingertips. It’s like having a support staff to find and keep track of all that essential information. Inclusive of:


  • Baby Registry Information
  • Lists for mom and baby
  • Who to call when you go into labor
  • Questions for healthcare providers
  • And so much more!

This handy all-in-one resource helps pregnant women reduce the stress that comes from all she has to do to prepare for her new bundle of joy. Helpful tips and advice throughout. Written to accommodate both first-time moms and women who already have children.

My Thoughts

As I look through the different sections I am impressed with how comprehensive it is. I think that Pam covered every possible thing you could possibly want to keep track of. I wish I had something like this to look back on with my boys, with all the information in one place.


  • Plastic Cover – When I got it at first I was a bit put off by the clear plastic cover, which shows the pretty cover underneath. I wondered why they did that. Then the next day after leaving it on my kitchen counter where T2 accidently spilled a drink, I realized the brilliance! My planner was as good as new. Good call on the cover!
  • Journal/Calendar The calendar section could be used as a journalling section, with just the right amount of room for a few sentences each day.
  • There is a place to keep track of your prenatal visits.
  • I like that she doesn’t assume that everyone has an OB. “healthcare provider” is what they are called.
  • There are helpful tips along the way too. Some really good ones. 🙂
  • Pen included – with handy place to store it. So you are always prepared.

I would have benefited from an Organizer like this when I was pregnant with my boys. I would say this is a great buy for pregnant moms! A way to keep organized during your pregnancy as well as a great way to look back on your pregnancy later

You can win one!

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5 Comments on “Pregnancy Organizer Give Away!

  1. Trying to remember what time my prenatal appts were at.

  2. Trying to remember how much water I’ve drunk every day.

  3. This looks like a fantastic way to take more responsibility for your pregnancy!

  4. The hardest thing for me to keep track of was what I ate. I was trying to figure out what was causing my extended and severe morning sickness. For the two short months I did keep detailed notes, I decided dietary it was magnesium and B vitamins, and lifestyle it was tiredness and stress.

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