Tracine Lost mucus plug early in morning, was able to go back to sleep.

Up around 7:30.  Angela arrived at some point.

Sheridan joined the party around 10:30.

Juan Supporting Tracine and Angela enjoying the day.
Juan Supporting Tracine and Angela enjoying the day.

H- Big Sister went to buy glue with Grandma and Grandpa.

Tracine enjoyed pressure waves on the Birth Ball.

11ish Angela left for awhile and Tracine, Juan and Sheridan did 5 laps around the block averaging a pressure wave per lap.

Then we hung out downstairs, prepared some herbal tea and chatted for awhile with Tracine hanging on Juan while she had pressure waves.

12:45 we were back up in the bedroom and Angela returned.

1:11 Tracine removes her red socks, still is wearing Mumu and black sweater.

1:20 downstairs for In N Out brought to us by Hazel.  She had an accidental pee, which Sheridan stepped in, requiring borrowing some very cool striped socks.

1:46 back upstairs.  Tracine and Sheridan discover they are Tiny Toenail Sisters as she sits in the rocking chair.

2:10 Angela rubs oils on Tracine’s ankles.

3:50 Lindsay arrives.  Before this pressure waves were ranging between 5-9 minutes apart.  Sometimes lasting 2 minutes.  But not a great consistency.

4:10 Lindsay checks Tracine upon request.  Scar tissue on cervix easily melts away and her cervix goes from 1 to 6 cm instantly.

4:30 Juan, Tracine and Sheridan walk in the backyard.  H – big sister, joined us for a bit.  Jake said hi over the fence.    Pressure waves were up to 3 minutes apart!!!
IMG_3693 IMG_3684

5 back upstairs and onto the ball.  Pressure waves slow down.

5:45 walk around upstairs.  Pressure waves pick up again.  Then slow down again.

6:20 Lindsay does another exam and finds there is a little bit of scar tissue left.  She helps massage it out.  Then after discussion Tracine decides to have her water broken.

Tracine gets into the rocking chair and gets into her Zone.  There is a definite shift.  The tub starts getting filled.  Courtney arrives.

7:07 Mumu comes off and the purple bra on and Tracine gets into the tub!

7:40 Linsday does another check and finds there is a lip left on the cervix.

8ish Lindsay holds lip back while Tracine gives a push and the lip slips behind baby’s head and pushing begins in earnest.  H – Big Sister is summoned!

Tracine does an amazing job pushing.  She pushes the head almost all the way out.  One more push and the head was out.   After waiting for the next pressure wave she gives a big push and Iris flies out, she is wrapped up in the cord a bit so Lindsay unwraps her and brings her up onto Tracine’s chest.

8:11 Iris arrives!

It was magical in so many ways.  As H – big sister, said to her Grandpa not long after the birth, “You should come upstairs and see the baby, it is magical up there!”

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  1. Macy Mae Rivers

    I am so amazed on how Tracine journeyed until she finally gave birth. It made me also imagine what I’m gonna be like when I get to experience the same thing. Well as long as my hubby is right by my side, I know I’m gonnna be alright. Excited and Expectant here. Congratulations to you Tracine!

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