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My Birth Video 

Inspirational Birth Books


Pregnancy Birth and Babies 

Dental Surgery and Birth

Enjoy Birth You Tube Channel

Learn more about Hypnobabies Home Study and Live Classes  

Enjoy Birth Online Classes 

Jenni’s Story – Surprise Vaginal Breech Birth

Michele’s Story – Mother’s Intuition Led to Choosing a Cesarean

Kick Counts 

Gavin de Becker: How to reduce Fear. 

A Link with more help to let go of worry 

Learn what your choice are with Know Your Options online class

Big Baby Bull 

Wait until “next” birth

Learn about choosing care provider 

Birth is a Journey: Shouldn’t we be able to choose our transportation?

Business of Being Born

Caring for another L&D Nurse 

Learn about Birth Locations

Induction Segment 

Do Doula’s Replace Dads?  

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