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Spirituality and Birth

I fulfilled a life long dream when I co-authored a book on Spirituality and Birth called The Gift of Giving Life.  It has been getting rave reviews.  Please check it out!


Coming Soon!

Enjoy Your Pregnancy and Birth with Hypnosis

I have been wanting to write a book about this for the past few years.  I wish all moms would look into hypnosis for pregnancy and birth.  I have been gathering birth stories for my websites and blogs for years and finally compiled information and stories to inspire and encourage moms during pregnancy and birth.

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  1. I would love to read your book. Are you planning on creating an ebook for kindle of The Gift of Giving Life? I appreciate your website as well. I am a Latter Day Saint woman looking to have a hypnosis babies birth for my third child. Thank you for your insights.


    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    Hopefully by 2014


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