The worst part was: I didn’t have time to make brownies.

Caden’s Birth Here is the day of his birth.. sorry it is so long! May 19th, Monday morning at 5am on the dot, I was waken up by some real strong pressure waves. I had been waking up… Read More

After the birth I had the nurse say to me that she was honored to be able to attend me during my birth, Brie’s birth was what a natural birth should be like

Brie’s Birth This was my fourth pregnancy and my first real attempt to have a natural birth. Seven years ago with my first baby I thought I would go “as long as possible” without an epidural. This of… Read More

I LOVE Hypnobabies. Comfortable, Fast and Easy

Cadeon’s Birth I LOVE Hypnobabies!  I wrote one birth story and this is it…it doesn’t use the hypno lingo specifically, but it is a very positive story.  Comfortable, fast and easy.  It couldn’t have been more perfect. Saturday… Read More

I can honestly say that her birth was so PEACEFUL and EASY that I would do it all over again right now.

Caterina’s Birth Story Let me start by saying thank you to this group. I feel like I learned so much from you. I read the posts faithfully right up until my daughter’s birth. I didn’t post at all,… Read More

Nurse Shocked to Announce I was a 10!

Cyrus’ Birth I was sure I was going to give birth on Friday, but I had had a cold and I think my body held off for a day to give me some extra recovery time. I had… Read More

Pulled over by Cops on the Way to the Hospital

Claire’s Birth Story When my husband and I got pregnant we did extensive research on the having the safest birth possible for both mother and baby. We chose a midwife as our healthcare provider based on exceptional outcomes… Read More

The easiest part of my birthing time was transition. Totally comfortable!

Claire’s Birth On Monday, May 5th, I went to my appointment with the midwife. My due date was on May 3rd, so she started talking about the possibility of inducing labor since they can not continue my care… Read More

The Nurse Was Surprised – No one had ever done that before!

Donovan’s Birth My pressure waves started early Thursday morning, June 12th (not sure what time as I didn’t look at the clock when they woke me up) but I finally got up after one woke me up at… Read More

“Slept” through most of my CDs, still worked great. Arrived at hospital surprised to find 10cm

Cienna’s Birth First I want to say I started the Hypnobabies homestudy late (about 34 weeks) and that I had a really hard time not falling asleep in them. Toward the end I would fall asleep to them… Read More

Ari’s Birth – My body is amazing!

Note: the word p**n is in here once or twice – though I don’t think I really felt any besides the crowning moment (and that was pretty brief).  What I felt is better described as intense pressure or… Read More

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