Feelings and Beliefs Begin during Pregnancy…

As parents, we can have great influence on the feelings and beliefs our of little ones throughout their lives.  I am going to focus on the beginnings of our influence in our child’s beliefs and feelings: pregnancy and… Read More

Know Your Options Online Class is LIVE! Discounted Price for first 20 students.

Finally after over 2 years of planning and hoping, I have the Know Your Birth Options Online Class Series up and running. After taking this session, I had a Dad comment, “I thought it was just epidural, or… Read More

Really you need to take a class & home study option – Enjoy Birth {day 9}

Sometimes the usefulness of taking childbirth classes is questioned. A study has shown that they may have no benefits, but that study didn’t take into account the type of class they parents took. I think that the usefulness… Read More

Choosing the best childbirth class for you – Enjoy Birth {day 8}

Taking an Independent Childbirth Class (typically one not affiliated with a hospital) is a great way to learn what normal birth is.   It is well worth the time and money to be educated about normal birth.  The information… Read More

Learn about normal birth – starting with your amazing uterus – Enjoy Birth {day 7}

Learning about normal birth is an important step. What exactly is ‘a normal birth’?  From the Lamaze website we read:  “A normal birth is one that unfolds naturally, free of unnecessary interventions. A woman’s body is beautifully designed… Read More

31 Days to Enjoy Your Birth

I love to help parents learn more so that they can enjoy their births.  I do this by teaching Hypnobabies classes to expecting couples and I am a birth doula for my students who want support during their… Read More

Dads Coming Alone to Hypnobabies Class

I have had Moms who have come alone to Hypnobabies classes.  Usually it is because Dad is out of town or is staying home with an older child.  It works out fine. Well, I had a couple and… Read More

Party During Hypnobabies Class

I usually teach Hypnobabies Classes on Monday nights in my husbands office.  He is kind enough to let me use his conference room.  Monday night is what works best for my family.  But sometimes I have students who… Read More

I Love Teaching Hypnobabies! Do you want to teach Hypnobabies too?

I love to teach Hypnobabies. I have the best “job” ever.  I put that in quotes because I honestly love it so much I forget I get paid to do it.  🙂 Teaching Hypnobabies is the perfect way… Read More

Keep the Fires Burning – Conquering Stress and Burnout for Birth Workers – Review and Give Away – Closed

I was so excited to get this book in my hands! I was even more excited when Micky gave me a copy for me to give away on my blog! Keep reading to find out how you can… Read More

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