Pulled over by Cops on the Way to the Hospital

Claire’s Birth Story When my husband and I got pregnant we did extensive research on the having the safest birth possible for both mother and baby. We chose a midwife as our healthcare provider based on exceptional outcomes… Read More

Breech Baby – Need Help Turning the Baby?

  Sadly it is hard to find a care provider who will support a mom in doing a vaginal birth of a breech baby.  There are some out there, but you really have to search.  Contact your local… Read More

Picking the Best Baby Name [Podcast 4]

Picking a Name can be a challenge for some! There are unlimited choices. Especially today, when you can name your child Apple or Siri. In this podcast episode I give some tips and support as you navigate the… Read More

Know Your Options Online Class is LIVE! Discounted Price for first 20 students.

Finally after over 2 years of planning and hoping, I have the Know Your Birth Options Online Class Series up and running. After taking this session, I had a Dad comment, “I thought it was just epidural, or… Read More

What is a Doula? [Podcast 002]

When you drive around with this on the back of your van you get a lot of questions about what you do! So I get to talk about being a birth doula to people every day. In todays… Read More

If you choose a hospital birth – choose the best hospital! – Enjoy Birth {day 28}

If after researching all your options you choose a hospital birth, please take the time to research the different hospitals in your area.  Many moms pick their hospital because of convenience.  This hospital is closest to them, or… Read More

Choice #2: Location, Location, Location! – Enjoy Birth {day27}

Where is the best place to have your baby? What are your options?   Hospital Birth Center Home   Take the time to research all three options. It may sound like a lot of work, but think of… Read More

Choose your care provider carefully – Enjoy Birth {day 26}

I have blogged about this topic many times. I have an MP3 and worksheets you can download to help you determine if the care provider you have is the best fit for you! Click here to download them… Read More

Questions to Ask Your Care Provider ASAP! – Enjoy Birth {day 25}

A lot of moms choose their care providers from friend recommendations, PCP recommendation or just randomly picking one out of the insurance choices. This is dangerous. Take time to really research this choice, because it can have a… Read More

Midwife or OB? – Enjoy Birth {day 24}

Choosing a good care provider is NOT as simple as: Midwife = low intervention OB = high intervention Some midwives are VERY intervention happy and some OBs are very LOW intervention.  So you need to ask questions of… Read More

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