Wonderful Tool for After Birth – Travel Bidet – Unique Baby Shower Gift Idea!

After you give birth you will get this little squirt Peri-bottle.  If you are at a hospital you get it “free”, if you have a homebirth you probably have one in your birth kit. Great for cleaning your… Read More

I want to Enjoy Birth, but a past negative birth experience is making it hard to trust that it is possible.

I often have moms who are pregnant and nervous about their upcoming births, because of past negative birth experiences.  I love working with them, because with energy work we can quickly and easily see a shift. I have… Read More

ZENBand – a sleep headphone for listening to your childbirth hypnosis scripts.

I was excited to try the ZenBand because I had a similar product that had recently accidentally gone through the washing machine with the bed sheets and had bit the dust.  So I was thrilled to be able… Read More

Do you work with pregnant or birthing women? Have I got a tool for you!

I recorded a class about how to do energy work with your clients. Simple easy tools you can implement right away, as well as links to resources if you want to learn more and go deeper. I have… Read More

Pregnancy and Energy Types

I just read The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle and loved it.  It teaches you about Energy Types and how to determine what type you and your children are.  Then gives amazing tips on how to help parent… Read More

Pee on yourself when you run?

It has been nearly sixteen months since I last posted about peeing when I run.  See blog post here. So, do I still pee on myself when I run?  Yes, unfortunately. However, I’ve learned a lot more about pelvic floor… Read More

Feelings and Beliefs Begin during Pregnancy…

As parents, we can have great influence on the feelings and beliefs our of little ones throughout their lives.  I am going to focus on the beginnings of our influence in our child’s beliefs and feelings: pregnancy and… Read More

Give Aways at the Empowering Fearless Birth Conference

I am so excited to be going to this daylong conference in September with one of my co-authors.     There are some amazing give aways!  Check them out.  It would be so great if you could come… Read More

How to Have a Natural Pregnancy

A guest post! How to Have a Natural Pregnancy Natural pregnancies are possible if the proper choices are made.  Here are some natural pregnancy tips that you may want to follow.  As with anything throughout your pregnancy, make… Read More

Pregnancy Organizer Give Away!

I reviewed a Pregnancy Planner a year or so ago and realized I had the one they sent me to review in my desk.  It is brand new and needs an owner!  🙂 When I was pregnant, I… Read More

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