1.  Teach 7 Hypnobabies Classes that are filled with couples wanting to have great births!

2.  Be a Birth Doula for 6 families.  As a mom with 3 little boys, this is just the right amount to keep me busy, but still have time for my family.

3.  Attend the Trust Birth Conference and learn a lot of great useful things for teaching and doulaing.

4.  Do 3 things to help my community in Orange County.

??????  any great ideas?????? Here are some I came up with.

Teach Free Birth Options Class

Library Display on Pregnancy and Birth

Go to high school or college class and talk about normal birth.

5.  Co-host monthly Birth Circles/Hypnobabies Open Houses

6.  Continue to moderate the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group, helping moms all over the WORLD learn more about hypnosis and childbirth and how to have better births. 

7.  Learn more about Essential Oils and Energy Work and how that can apply to pregnancy and birth. 

8.  Write in my Blog! 

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Pushed:  The Painful Truth about Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care by, Jennifer Block Wow, what a book!  When I read books from the library, I put little slips…

This is something that no one talks about, it is as if it doesn’t exist, until you get it.  Then it is HUGE to you, but still isn’t…

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