Awesome Summer Camp in Orange County – Galileo Innovation Camp

I am always looking for fun summer camp experiences for my boys.  My older boys are now too old for summer camp.  One works at a summer program for kids now!

T3 is still loving summer camp.  So far we are only signed up for Cub Scout Day Camp, which we do every year.  I was trying to decide between theater or chess, then I found out about Galileo Innovation Camp.

T3 loves to create things.  Last year when he was 9 he held his own 2 day cardboard building camp.  He taught his friends and some younger kids from church how to build with cardboard.

So this camp sounds so amazing and wonderful for him!  Creating, building, learning and having fun all at once.

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I LOVE Hypnobabies. Comfortable, Fast and Easy

Cadeon’s Birth

I LOVE Hypnobabies!  I wrote one birth story and this is it…it
doesn’t use the hypno lingo specifically, but it is a very positive
story.  Comfortable, fast and easy.  It couldn’t have been more

Saturday night, October 28th I was awoken by a few pressure
waves/contractions during the night.  I wondered if we would make it
to church the next morning or if this was the start of labor.  They
were most intense in the early hours of the morning, but I was able
to sleep in between…never more than half hour apart.

Sunday morning I woke up with no sign of labor, so off to church we
went.  To be honest I was easily distracted during service and
uncomfortable.  After church we went to eat at our favorite Mexican
food place so that the owner, Maria, could see me one more time
before I had the baby.  We were pretty sure it would be soon so we
had better go while we could before the baby came.  Lunch was great
and it was nice to see Maria again.  After lunch we went grocery
shopping to stock up.  Contractions started up again (though they
were not intense) with all the walking and I became tired really
fast and just wanted to get the heck out of the store.

Sunday night the contractions became closer together and were
uncomfortable to lay down through even with my Hypnobabies disks.  I
finally got up and took shower.  Contractions were about 10-15
minutes apart but never progressed any closer together.  Finallly
the sun came up (Monday morning) and they slowed down.  After the
kids got up I went back to sleep.

Monday was a long day and I wondered how many nights I would go on
this way.  We went to sleep that night and I listened to my
Hypnobabies disk like I had been every night for the past month or
so.  But tonight I ended up getting out of bed even earlier than the
previous night.  Contractions were about 15 minutes apart again, but
much more intense.  I didn’t get excited right away because I
thought that I would labor all night and then sleep the next day as
my contractions seemed shy of daylight.  However, by the early
morning hours I needed hubby to help me with my relaxation, using
the techniques we practiced together.  By 4 in the morning the
intensity had grown to such that I could only relax if Rob very
firmly grasped my shoulders and repeated the relax, release and
peace cues.  Without his help my body felt panicky or tense just at
the start of the contraction.  They were about 5 minutes apart when
I woke Rob up to time them…  I tried to use my hypno cd for
birthing time to relax, but I felt that I needed the specific cues
from hubby with each contraction for the techniques to be
effective.  The birth ball was the most comfortable place for me to
sit during this time and I was definitely not comfortable laying
down (which was the position that I thought I would spend most of my
time laboring).

We called the midwife  at 4 and she said to give it another hour and
see how I felt… to give her a call if things progressed more
quickly.  Well, by 5 the contractions had spaced out to 10-15
minutes again and I was able to sit in the recliner and sleep
between them, though they were still intense enough that I needed
Rob’s help at the start of each one.  I was so tired that I would
fall immediately asleep as soon as the peak was over, before the
contractions ended!

It is now Tuesday, October 31.  They faded farther apart and the
intensity settled down enough that I was able to relax completely
through them on my own again, so I told Rob he should go get some
sleep.  I stayed in the recliner and slept as much as I could.  The
kids had some cereal and watched cartoons and I just tried to relax
and get ready for long and tired day.  I woke up a little before 9
and got up to get a few things done, however, the contractions came
back and seemed back to back.  I didn’t believe how close they
seemed so I kept about some light chores.  When the intensity
brought me to my knees on the stairs I decided that I’d better wake
Rob up.  I needed some relaxation help again to stay comfortable.  I
couldn’t believe when he told me they were about 2-3 minutes apart!
They all had double peaks and I thought we needed to start getting
things ready to go to the birth center.  As I sat on the birth ball
and relaxed through the contractions my “wispered peace cues” became
a bit louder and I didn’t want Rob to leave me to load the car up.
We were waiting for a friend to arrive to stay with the kids when I
felt a distinct change.  I felt the baby move down and the
contraction felt a bit pushy.  I said, “we have to leave NOW” so
Chyna watched Ky for a few minutes until Robin got there and we
headed out of the drive way as quickly as we could.

I was able to relax really well using my Hypnobabies cd in the car,
despite having VERY intense and slightly pushy feeling
contractions.  I swear I could actually feel myself dilating and the
baby inching down.  The ride seemed really short- but then again, we
made the trip in about 25 minutes and it’s normally at least a 45
minute drive!  We went in and I was sure that the midwife would
check me and say that I was dilated to 2 or 3 centimeters.  I was
ecstatic when she said “oh, we have a nice bulging bag of water, the
head is right here and your at 6”.   I said “Thank you Lord!”  And I
remembered that once I made it to 6 cm when I was birthing Ky,
transition went very quickly.  We went right into the birthing suite
and they started filling up the tub right away.  Rob prayed over me
and I was ready to go!  It took about 20 minutes to fill up, but it
didn’t seem that long at all.  I sat on the birth ball and Rob
squeezed my shoulders and continued the relaxation cues.  I moved
into the warm water and it felt so good!  It was nice to be able to
be comfortable and mobile…and the warmth made it easier to relax
even though the contractions continued to become more powerful and
intense and quickly I felt my body start to push a little with each

Alethia (doula/birth assistant) noticed that I was getting pushy and
called in Ruth (midwife).  She checked me and I was completely
dilated with just a bit of a lip left on my cervix!  It went by SO
quickly.  And in between each contraction I was completely relaxed
and very comfortable, carrying on fun conversation and talking about
how much I was enjoying this birth.  I pushed a bit with each
contraction that felt like pushing (which at this point quickly
became all of them).  I could feel baby decending and the pressure
was crazy- not painful, but I felt very compelled to get him out the
rest of the way :~)  When I was preparing for birth, I hadn’t
planned on pushing much at all… but at this point I was ready to
meet my baby and rest.  Ruth was very encouraging for me to push
with the contractions but when they were over to immediately stop
pushing at all and rest.  To go with my body and allow myself to
properly stretch so I wouldn’t tear.

I don’t remember how long I was pushing, but Rob says it was about 6
contractions in all.  The rests in between pushing were wonderful
little breaks and fun conversation continued.  A few times Ruth and
Alethia comented on how much I was making jokes and laughing or
smiling… at one point Ruth laughed and asked what drugs I was on
to be having so much fun while she could see the head!  (That was
one of my favorite parts of this birthing!  I proudly
said “Hypnobabies”!)

I hadn’t previously expected to birth in the tub, but everything
went so quickly and it was so easy for me to keep my body comfy that
I never considered getting back out.  On the last couple
contractions I was asking how much longer (I was pretty anxious to
see this little guy).  Finally I decided heck with not pushing hard,
I was ready to get this kid out!  I pushed with everything I had for
a few contractions and out he came.  He was absolutely perfect and
very clean having been born under water.  He was immediately handed
to me, and he was so peaceful.  He looked around a little and made a
few little sounds.  They suctioned him out a bit and helped me move
to the bed to dry off and keep baby warm (and to do the ultra fun
task of delivering the placenta… I had forgotten about that
part :~)

It was so nice to just lay down and relax with my new perfect little
guy.  And the bed at the birth center is a real bed, I think queen
size, so there was plenty of room for Rob to get close too.

Caden was born just less than 2 hours after arriving at the
birth center.  His apgar scores were great and his head is nice and
round, having not spent much time in the birth canal.  Even though
the labor process was very powerful and intense (and I’ll admit I
did have a few minutes of “panicky” feeling around transition) it
was beautiful and peaceful and much quicker than I had expected.

After having a previous hospital birth and this lovely, peaceful
birth center birth I can’t believe how much impact the difference
has had on our lives.  Here at the birth center I was quietly
monitored and encouraged to keep drinking water, but Rob and I were
left alone for much of the time with Ruth and Alethia listening and
waiting in the next room.  We were encouraged to relax and be
comfortable and to do what we felt like doing.  I was really allowed
to birth in the way that I felt was right and we did not
feel “managed” at all.  This was a HUGE blessing in contrast to the
managed care we forcefully received at the hospital.  Rob and I are
complete advocates for personalized birth center care, water
birthing and Hypnobabies!  This was absolutely the birth of our
dreams and there was nothing that we’d have changed.  Not one

A few notes about some of the things that I did during pregnancy
that I believe affected the outcome of our birth~

  • Hypnobabies!  We did the homstudy course… I got the program around
    30 weeks and listened pretty much every night to the c.d.s and most
    days I listened to the affirmations disk.  I did all of the reading
    with the book, it was very comprehensive, but since I was not a
    first time mom, most of it was a refresher and info that I already
    knew.  Hubby and I did the practice sessions a few times the week
    before I went into labor.  I really prayed a lot during my c.d.
    listening and I know that God used this program to alleviate many of
    the concerns that I had from my previous delivery.  He used this
    program to help me to have confidence in the way He created my body
    to birth and I have no doubt that this affected the short length of
    time that I was actually in labor, as well as eliminated pain.  I
    can honestly say that I experienced no pain during labor or delivery
    (even pushing) just VERY strong power and pressure.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea!  I drank this throughout my pregnancy to
    help tone my uterus.  I took a break from the tea for a few weeks
    towards the end of my pregnancy and then started again around 38
    weeks.  I drank one glass of strong tea each day.  I also prepared a strong brew of it to drink when I went into labor, but things progressed so quickly I forgot about it.  Looking back at the length of my labor, I’m glad I didn’t drink that last glass!  :~0  We could have ended up with a car birth instead of the wonderful birth we had.
  • Evening Primrose oil.  I took this a few days orally and a few days “the other way”, lol.  One of my concerns from my last pregnancy was the need to be induced.  I took this to help my cervix along.  I would say it worked. Blessings to everyone still waiting on their Hypnobabies!


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Do you work with pregnant or birthing women? Have I got a tool for you!

I recorded a class about how to do energy work with your clients. Simple easy tools you can implement right away, as well as links to resources if you want to learn more and go deeper.

I have cut down on my doula client load and am really focusing more on helping women with energy work as they prepare for birth, recover from birth and as they shift to becoming mothers. I love it!

I share my tools and techniques with you, so you can add them to your tool belt to better help the women you serve.

help-birth-clientsI have been a doula for almost 10 years.  I love being a part of such an amazing pivotal moment in a families life.

There are challenges that can arise for both the birth worker and the moms (and dad’s and baby) before, during and after birth.  I started incorporating energy work in my life and doula practice over 4 years ago and found it made a very positive impact for my clients as well as for myself!

There have been quite a few births where I have come home in need of emotional clearing myself.  These tools I am teaching will help you to stay grounded and protected during a birth, or meeting.  As well as tools to help you recover after.

Increase Your Skills

This class is geared towards any birth worker looking to increase their skills, to add tools to their toolbox to help their clients have the best pregnancy and birth possible.  It isn’t possible that every birth goes perfectly smoothly, so these tools are also useful in helping people to recover and move past difficult births.

For ANY Birth Worker

You do NOT need to know anything about energy work to take this class. I will teach you tools that you can apply right away.  Also experienced energy workers will benefit as well, to see how to apply these tools during pregnancy, birth and postpartum!


The recorded class and handouts are available right now.  Just donate below and you will be directed to the page with the details.

Sign Up Here

Donations Appreciated

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I can honestly say that her birth was so PEACEFUL and EASY that I would do it all over again right now.

Caterina’s Birth Story

Let me start by saying thank you to this group. I feel like I learned so much from you. I read the posts faithfully right up until my daughter’s birth. I didn’t post at all, but still feel like I ‘know’ most of you.

I also have to admit that I was a horrible student. I rarely practiced my finger drop technique and I hated being ‘off’ ever. I intentionally only ever listened to the CD’s in my sleep after the first time. I was not comfortable in off, so I would program my iPod to play the pregnancy affirmations and then whatever script I was supposed to listen to. Then I would fall asleep during the affirmations and stay asleep through the script. Well guess what. It totally worked. I had such a peaceful, easy birthing time. I am so grateful to hypnobabies for making me believe this was possible. 🙂

I am not sure when her birthing time actually began. I had been having contractions for about two months, lol. But seriously, over the past few weeks, almost every night I would have some pressure waves. I think that over time I just began to anticipate them and know that they were not the real thing.

Friday night was no different; I had regular pressure waves all night long, probably about 10 minutes apart. Of course in the morning, they went away. We went about our day as usual. They started again during the boys’ nap on Saturday, maybe around 2 pm (we have two sons, both age 2 – Antonio & Ignacio). They were also about 9-10 minutes apart. Then after the boys woke up (3 ish), I still had some pressure waves, but I thought they would eventually dwindle as they had always done.

They continued, but I was not convinced that this was it. I thought – maybe we will have our daughter by tomorrow night, how exciting! But at the same time, I didn’t let myself think that too much because I had the feeling the pressure waves would go away like they always had. I told Carlos (my husband) that I wanted to go to the Vigil Mass – just in case we would be in early birthing time tomorrow morning.

So I bathed the boys & got them ready for Mass. I meant to time the pressure waves before Mass, but things got busy with bath time and we I also wanted to stop at the store on the way to Mass because we were out of a few essentials at home.

We attended the 5 pm Vigil Mass at our Parish. I definitely felt pressure waves during Mass, but I wasn’t able to time them during Mass obviously. We left Mass around 6:15 and got home around 6:30. I told Carlos that I felt that we should give our Midwife the heads up that we may be calling her much later that night or early tomorrow morning. She had asked that we give her ample time, even before we wanted her there. So I prepared dinner for the boys and started feeding them while Carlos called the MW. He told her that we thought the pressure waves were about 6-7 minutes apart, but that things were slow going and that we would not need her any time soon.

Within minutes of Carlos hanging up the phone with the MW, I started feeling the pressure waves more frequently. So I timed a few of them and found that they were about 2-3 minutes apart. I thought that was good, but let’s just see if they stay this way or if they go back to being less frequent.

So I decided that I would time some again after we put the boys down to bed (bedtime is 7, we were a little late – so this was about 7:15). During their bedtime routine, I felt the pressure waves get more intense. I am not sure if this was because Ignacio was nursing the whole time or not. But as soon as we closed the door to their bedroom, I told Carlos – please fill up the tub & call the MW. So he started with that. He called the MW by 7:30 ish & asked her to come. I spoke with her on the phone & told her that I was not sure if this was it, but that I felt like she should come just in case. We told her to take her time.

We also called Jackie, who was our designated person to watch the boys during the birth. Since they were in bed already, we told her to take her time coming over & to bring a book to read.

Jackie & the MW both arrived around 8:15. The MW started setting up her things and asked if she could check me around 8:30. I was 100% and an 8! I was so worried that I would not be dilated at all or just a 2 or something. The MW later told me that she thought I was going to be about a 3 or a 4 based on how COMFORTABLE I was. Note that my MW is a HypnoBirthing instructor & she thought that I looked very comfortable!

I asked her if that was good enough to get into the pool. She said that I could but that if things slowed down, I would have to get out. So I changed into my bathing suit, waited a few more minutes for some hot water to be added & got into the pool around 8:45.

I was chatting with Carlos, Jackie, and the MW in between pressure waves. When I felt a wave, I just put my head down on the side of the pool and closed my eyes & relaxed. Eventually the birth assistant arrived & the MW went upstairs to talk to her. I felt that the waves were starting to come very frequently, almost one on top of the other. Then I felt my water break around 9:15. I asked Carlos to go up and tell the MW. I felt the waves change immediately & felt like she was moving down. So I made Carlos run up and tell her that.

The MW and Birth Assistant came down to our room. I stared breathing the baby down (without pushing at all). I dod do the “ahhhhing” thing & it worked so well! Within a few minutes, her head was out and in Carlos’s hands. The cord was around her neck once. The MW removed it. Her shoulders were not turning like they are supposed to. The MW told me that I was going to have to push her out NOW. I was worried by her voice and I tried to push really hard, but she did not turn. So the MW told me to stand up & turn around & squat. I did that & she slid right out into Carlos’ hands (no pushing). I thought she went back underwater after that, but Carlos said that was just a bunch of other `stuff’ that went under, lol.

I was soon holding her in the pool. Her official time is 9:26 pm, although it was actually a few minutes before that. I can honestly say that her birth was so PEACEFUL and EASY that I would do it all over again right now. I feel so good.

She is nursing well; the only thing she doesn’t know how to do is latch off, haha. The boys love her. They keep asking to `hold it’. When she squeaks, Antonio says, “she’s sad” and Ignacio says, “Feed it”. Um, boys – it’s a girl, not an it

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Nurse Shocked to Announce I was a 10!

Cyrus’ Birth

I was sure I was going to give birth on Friday, but I had had a cold
and I think my body held off for a day to give me some extra recovery
time. I had some birthing waves on Friday, but never closer together
than 10 min. and very irregular. I had birthing waves all night, but
slept through most of them, probably because I let my Hypnobabies
maintenance play list play all night on my ipod.

I woke up at 5 am on Saturday and I knew it was the day. I was having a lot of birthing
waves, but I didn’t feel like timing them so I waited for someone
else to wake up. When DH got up I told him to get my mom and I had
her time waves and call the doula. The waves were about six minutes
apart. The doula got here about 7 am I just hung out around the
house having pressure waves until about 10 am when I felt a little
nauseous and I had the doula check me and I was 5 cm. we left for the
hospital (30 min. away) as soon as we got into the car the waves
picked up to about 3 min. apart and about twice as long.

We got to the hospital and I was giving some serious thought to an epidural. I
was checking in with the nurse up front and she was asking me a
million questions but finally they took me to triage. The nurse in
triage jokingly gave me a hard time because I couldn’t give a pee
sample, I peed, but missed the cup.

When she finally got around to checking me a few minutes later she was shocked to announce that I
was 10 centimeters dilated. We went to delivery and Cyrus was born 50 min.

He was 8 lb. 7 oz. and he is super cute. I am so happy about my birth experience, I can’t believe everyone doesn’t use Hypnobabies. I was asked to rate my worst pain in retrospect due to
the fact that there wasn’t time in the moment) and I gave it a five. I think next time I will practice the finger drops more because I was having a hard time with my light switch during my birthing time.

All in all I am completely satisfied with the experience!!

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Pulled over by Cops on the Way to the Hospital

Claire’s Birth Story

When my husband and I got pregnant we did extensive research on the having the safest birth possible for both mother and baby. We chose a midwife as our healthcare provider based on exceptional outcomes research. We quickly came to the conclusion that natural birth was what we wanted. Our midwife recommended using Hypnobabies for pain management and we began the extensive self-study course. We practiced everyday and did all the recommended cues and affirmations. We knew we were not ready to have a home birth, but we were apprehensive about birthing in a hospital because of unnecessary medical interventions. Our midwife assured us we would be fine and to put together a Birth Plan.

I am happy to report that I was able to give birth in such a perfect way! The nurses at the hospital were so wonderful, loving and patient. They really facilitated such a spiritual birth for our little one. They were so respectful of our preferences. They used a Doptone instead of the external fetal monitor and allowed her to be placed immediately on my chest when she  was born for an hour. She was able to nurse immediately, and they also did all procedures in the room with us. My midwife is truly an angel as well. She knew I desperately wanted to have a natural hypnobirth and she was there and supported me the entire time! Even when I felt like it was going to be impossible, she reminded me that I could do it and to stick with my plan.

I woke up at 1:30am Saturday morning with menstrual-like cramps that started in my back and wrapped around the lower part of my abdomen. They were about 5-10 minutes apart and very regular so I was sure my birthing time had begun. I laid in bed for an hour but I was restless so I decided to start baking brownies for the nursing staff. Our dog came down to see what the commotion was, and then went upstairs to wake my husband.

We went to the hospital around 9:15am once I had been having pressure waves for 1-2 hours and they were 2-3 minutes apart. We called the in-laws to start their journey from Ohio, paged my midwife and called my Mom. We loaded up the car and were on the way to take the dog to doggie day care, I was deep in my hypnotic trance with my headphones on when I noticed blue lights in the rearview mirror. We were being pulled over! My husband jumped out of the car at the red light and motions to the police officer that I am in labor by pointing to his belly. The officer pulled up beside us, took one look at me and asked if we needed a police escort. We thanked him and said we could make it on our own.

I was still in trance but I was getting a little uncomfortable and irritated at the disruption. When we got there, my pressure waves slowed down considerably because I was nervous about being in the hospital. I was only 3cm dilated so my husband and I walked the halls for an hour, bounced on my birthing ball and paced. When my midwife checked me around 1:00pm I was 5-6cm and 100% effaced. I used my hypnosis and was able to stay in trace during most of the dilation. I could hardly feel the pressure waves at all.

When I was 7-8cm when my midwife suggested I get in the tub. I was a little reluctant, but I decided to do it and my husband helped me. I was so glad I did because it provided tremendous relief and allowed me to  catch my breath. My husband was so wonderful! He was with me the whole time helping me with my hypnosis cues, bringing me water,  snacks and holding my hand while they checked the heartbeat. He didn’t leave my side once, not even go to the bathroom! My mom was there supporting me the entire time as well. Her Lamaze experience definitely came in handy during the pushing phase.

I was fully dilated around 5:00pm and tried pushing in several different positions. It was very hot and when my mom asked if she could loosen my gown I grabbed it and tore it off. My modesty went out the window as I was fully concentrated on staying as comfortable as possible. I was getting frustrated, feeling that I wasn’t making progress and almost came out of my trance. I leaped on to the bed in high position and grabbed the mattress and screamed. My husband and mom came to my rescue quickly and reminded me that I can do this and to RELAX! I agreed and made the conscious decision to continue with the tools I had for hypnosis.

Looking back on it, I would guess this would be what they refer to as “transition”. Finally, I was most comfortable on my side. I tried to push with every pressure wave, but since I was so deep in trance, I could only feel it at its peak and wasn’t able to utilize the full force. With every round of pushing everyone would exclaim “THIS IT, PUSH HER OUT!” They got me the mirror and showed me part of her head sticking out. My midwife encouraged me to feel her head as well. I knew I could do this; it was just going to take some time. I had to pace myself. I pushed and pushed and in- between I used my relax cue to catch my breath and took sips of water. It was amazing that I had so much control considering I had no pain medication. My midwife used bottle after bottle of mineral oil to massage and stretch me.

We listened to the “Pushing Baby Out” CD it seemed like 100 times but nobody could reach the CD played to turn it off or change CD’s. Centimeter-by-centimeter, baby Claire was born at 9:30pm after 4.5 hours of pushing. I had a very small tear that didn’t even bleed. It was so awesome,  as soon as she was born and they placed her on my chest she looked up at me with those big eyes. How amazing! I did it all natural and my baby is so healthy and relaxed as well.

She is beautiful and her head was perfectly round despite such a long time in the birth canal. She nursed right away and was very content.  What a spiritual and euphoric experience! We are truly blessed and it was worth all the hard work. It means so much to me that with all the loving support and patience of my  midwife, husband and mother, I was able to be empowered to have the perfect natural birth. Later I found out that some of my friends had actually placed a bet that I would end up with an epidural. You can imagine how excited and proud I was to tell them my birth story!!!

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The easiest part of my birthing time was transition. Totally comfortable!

Claire’s Birth

On Monday, May 5th, I went to my appointment with the midwife. My due
date was on May 3rd, so she started talking about the possibility of
inducing labor since they can not continue my care if I am over due
too long. I did not want to be induced so I let her strip my
membranes. That was not a comfortable experience even trying to relax.
She said that she could feel Claire’s ear. That totally weirded my
husband out. (:

After my appointment we went bike shopping for my husband. I was
cramping and bleeding but nothing much was happening. When Brian got
back we went on a walk. When we were starting back I started cramping.
It started getting so I did not want to walk through them although I
could. When we got back home we decided to go out on what may have
been our last date before the baby. We went to “Color Me Mine” and
painted some pottery for the baby. That was really fun!

We got back around 10:30 and I went to bed around 11:30. Around
1:00 I woke up feeling contractions but went back to sleep. By 2:00 I
could no longer sleep and woke up my mom and we started timing
pressure waves. Around 5:30 they were 45-1:00 minute long and only
about 3-4 minutes apart and we decided to go to Orem Community. I was
trying to stay very relaxed and using my Hypnobabies suggestions. We
got to the hospital at 6:00 and they admitted me to the triage. When
they checked me I was 3 centimeters dilated. The midwife on call
started me on antibiotics (since I was GBS +) and after an hour I was
at a 4. They decided to admit me and we called the doula.

Our doula was out of town and the backup was already at a birth so we got the
backup to the backup (Megan) and she was AMAZING. When she got there
she started me walking up and down the hall over and over again.
Anytime a wave came on I would put my arms around Brian and Megan
would put counter pressure on my hips. We also tried sitting on the
toilet. I know some people really like that but I DID NOT.

The midwife on call (Sue) came and checked me at noon. She asked if I
wanted to know where I was and I said only if it was good news such as
a 7 or 8. Ha. She didn’t say anything and in my mind I told myself
that I was AT LEAST a 6. 🙂 After I asked what I had been. My mom told
me that I had only been at a 5. I am glad I didn’t know that because I
would have been very disappointed.

At that point I started losing control a little and I kept saying
that I did not think I could do it anymore. Megan told me to just get
through one at a time and that my endorphins would kick it up a notch
if I could just last 20 more minutes. It actually was 40 minutes but I
put on my birthing day affirmations and completely zoned out. (next
time I will turn it on earlier!)

Sometimes the doula or the midwife would try to talk to me and I would be in the middle of a birthing
wave but they could not tell because they were watching me and not the
computer. I asked to be checked again so I got into bed and I was at
an 8. I was so tired that I was falling asleep in between pressure
waves and completely zoning out during them. I asked to be checked
again and she said 9 ½!!

I started to get my sense of humor back and it wasn’t very long
before I looked up and told Sue that I needed to poop. That got
everyone hustling to get everything ready for baby. I wanted a
squatting bar and they hunted one out of storage. I pushed for a while
that way but my legs started to get really tired. Megan got on the bed
behind me and I put my feet on the bar to push. They also brought out
a mirror so I could see her crowning. That made me push more
effectively! I only pushed for maybe 30 min and at 3:07 pm out she
came! 6 lbs 12 oz, 20.5 inches. They hustled her to the respiratory
therapist and I just bawled. I couldn’t believe I had my baby! She was
just beautiful. Didn’t have a cone head at all. They finally finished
with her and I was so glad to hold her. Everyone remarked about how
alert and awake she was.

The easiest part of my birthing time was transition. Totally
pain free. I know I could have done better during some parts but on
the whole it was amazing how I just felt pressure! The worst part was
when I got nauseous and vomited but my birthing waves stopped when
that happened so I didn’t have to worry about them. My husband was an
awesome coach and my doula and midwife…amazing. Recovery was easy and
everyone was impressed with Hypnobabies. Whoo hoo!

(And it was fun  to say “I told you I could” to everyone who doubted my ability to go natural 🙂 )

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Having a Packed Toiletry Bag always in your Doula Bag

A toiletry bag review may initially seem like an unusual review for my blog.  However I know the benefit of always having a stocked toiletry bag in my doula bag.

Here are my must haves:

  • Female “Supplies” – There is something about the hormones at a birth, there have been quite a few births where my cycle started sooner than expected.
  • Toothbrush – I love Colgate Wisp for this.  The toothpaste and toothbrush are together.
  • Dental Floss – If you have ever had something stuck in your teeth, you know why you need this.
  • Deodorant – If a birth goes long and I want to feel fresh, a little deodorant and clean teeth can do wonders.
  • Mints/Gum – Fresh breath is important!
  • Lip Balm – Dry lips annoy me and I want to be peaceful at a birth!  I also like to have a few extra new sealed ones, in case mom didn’t bring some and wants it, I can magically provide.  🙂
  • Lotion – Dry skin is not fun.  Also have shared with Moms on occasion.
  • Hair ties – Hair in the face is also annoying.  I love having these on hand in case I forgot to grab one on the way out.  Also have shared with Moms at births.
  • Essential Oils – I love to carry a few in my bag at all times.  Peppermint and Lavender are must haves.

I was excited to have a chance to receive this toiletry bag to do a review.

My review is more for personal use than doula use, as I already have a toiletry bag I have in my doula bag.  However, as my boys grow they need their own toiletry bag when we travel and using a gallon zip-lock baggie just isn’t cutting it anymore. 😉

I liked this bag so much I may have to use it for myself and give them the one I was using.

IMG_7405I like that it can hang and the items inside are easily accessible.  There were a lot of pockets to put things in.  The pockets varied in size so I had no trouble fitting in my normal toiletry items.  Even my Sonicare toothbrush case fit, which is hard to get into my other bag. (Hence the reason I may keep this one and give my old bag to my son.)


I wouldn’t say it is compact when it is full and zipped up.  But I do carry a lot, so I don’t think it could be compact with all I like to bring.  I usually bring 2 toiletry bags and all my stuff fit in this one bag, so it definitely can fit a lot!  (If I packed my doula toiletries in it, it would have been much more compact.)


It comes with a soap case and toothbrush head protector.  I was thinking the soap case was kind of silly, who brings a bar of soap on a trip?  I just use the ones the hotel provides.  But I realized my q-tips fit perfectly in the box, so I put some little items in the soap box and was excited how they all fit.  So it turned out to be a great addition.

All in all I can easily recommend this Men’s Hanging Toiletry Bag.  It would be great for a doula at a birth,  as well as wonderful for anyone going on a trip.


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Great tip for calming a baby!

I loved this video with a very simple way to calm your baby.


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The Nurse Was Surprised – No one had ever done that before!

Donovan’s Birth

My pressure waves started early Thursday morning, June 12th (not sure
what time as I didn’t look at the clock when they woke me up) but I
finally got up after one woke me up at 6:40am. I had another one 10
min later so I decided to try and time them. Starting at 7am I
started timing them and I had 4 in a row at just under 10 min apart.
They stayed between 10 – 20 min apart for most of the day. I started
listening to my Hypnobabies script Easy Stage One on repeat.

Between 5 – 6pm they started to get more intense and they seemed more
frequent. I asked my husband to time them for me and they were coming
about 6 – 7 min apart and lasting about 30 – 45 sec. I continued to
breathe through them and listen to my Hypnobabies scripts the entire
time. I alternated between Comfortable Childbirth and Easy Stage One.

At about 9pm when the pressure waves were about 4-5 min apart for an
hour I asked my husband to call my mom to have her come down (she
lives down the street from me). When the pressure waves were
consistently 3-4 min apart and lasting close to a minute we decided
to head to the hospital. I took a 15 min shower first while my mom
hovered over me and my husband got everything out to the car.

We arrived at the hospital at 9:30pm on Thursday, June 12th. I was
taken to a triage room and put on the fetal monitor, my vitals were
taken, and a cervical exam showed I was 6-7 cm dilated. The triage
nurse was surprised at this because she said I was doing so well.

A different doctor was on-call for my OB’s group so they called him
to get labor orders (I also knew this doctor very well and was quite
happy that he was on-call). The triage nurse told me that I was being
moved to a L&D room and they would keep the monitor straps on me and
hook me up when I got to my room. I asked her if I could have
intermittent monitoring so that I could walk around if I wanted to
and she said she would call the doctor to ask. The doctor insisted on
continuous fetal monitoring, but I wasn’t required to stay in bed, I
just couldn’t go past the wire length.

I was then taken to my L&D room and introduced to my nurse. I was GBS
positive so I already knew that I had to have antibiotics but I had
requested a hep lock only so another nurse came in to put the hep
lock in. I had to have two bags of antibiotics and was able to move
around at the bedside while this was being dripped. During this time
I was sitting on the glider in the room and was listening to my
scripts. My husband and mom were with me and were awesome in helping
me stay relaxed and reminding me to take sips of water to stay
hydrated. As soon as my antibiotic was done I was disconnected from
the IV.

My husband gave my nurse my birth plan and to my surprise she read it
very thoroughly and clarified a few things with me. He also gave her
the brownies I had made and she was surprised at this and said no one
has ever given them anything like that before. She seemed very
appreciative of that.

I continued breathing and relaxing through my pressure waves and when
they started getting much more intense I found that standing leaning
against the counter and swaying my hips back and forth really helped
me through them. I felt better able to relax my birthing muscles with
my abdomen kind of “hanging” out in front of me.

At 11:45pm I was standing at the counter in the room when I had a
pressure wave and along with it a huge urge to push and I did push
some and had a big gush of fluid. I told my husband and my mom and
said to get the nurse because I felt like I had to push. My husband
said that my triage nurse who first checked me when I arrived at the
hospital overheard him tell my nurse this and he said she whispered
to another nurse, “that was fast.” My nurse came in and had me get in
bed to check me. I had another pressure wave with an urge to push,
and I did, and had another gush of fluid. She said I was about 9 cm
dilated and they were calling Dr. Wiseman and I should not push until
the last lip of my cervix was out of the way. The most difficult part
for me was having pushing pressure waves with that incredibly strong
urge to push and being told not to.

This was the point that I lost focus on relaxing because it was so
difficult to not push. My husband and mom jumped in to help talk me
through trying to relax and not push so I would dilate that last bit.
The nurse wanted to check me again during a pressure wave to see if I
dilated. She checked me and I did dilate to 10cm and was given the go
ahead to push. The doctor was still not there yet. I tried to push in-
between pressure waves to help stretch my perineum without the force
of a pressure wave behind it and I did fairly well with this. I used
the “breathing baby down” technique of pushing and was very vocal
with the use of “ahhhh” to get through this part.

My nurse was getting very nervous because she said she could see hair
and the doctor was still not there. Another nurse in the room assured
her that he would be there any second. He came in shortly after that
and they got everything ready and wanted me to turn onto my back and
put my feet in stirrups but I was more comfortable lying on my side
with my leg up so I stayed in that position. My husband and another
nurse were holding my top leg up while I pushed. The doctor was
wonderful at helping to guide my pushing so that I wouldn’t tear. The
pushing part actually felt wonderful and not at all uncomfortable.
When he was crowning I felt very, very tight and stretched but I
wouldn’t call it painful. This was very interesting to me since my
biggest fear that I had was the pain of crowning and of tearing.

I started pushing at about 11:55pm and my beautiful Hypnobaby was
born at 12:15am on Friday, June 13th. He was 8 lbs. 4 oz. and 20 in.
long. My husband didn’t want to cut the cord (he’s always a little
queasy around blood and stuff and was holding himself together pretty
well for what he saw), but the doctor kind of pushed the scissors
into his hands and said, “come on daddy” and showed him where to cut
and he did. A few more pushes and my placenta came out and was
intact. I did end up having a small tear that the doctor was debating
about even stitching but he did do one stitch as a precaution because
it was bleeding a bit.

The only drugs I had for this birth were the 2 bags of antibiotics
when I first arrived at the hospital and 2 Tylenol tablets after I
was in post-partum to help with some soreness. I refused the routine
Pitocin that is given after delivery because when I asked if there
was a reason I needed it the nurse didn’t have one and she said that
I was fine. Total time from active birthing time to delivery was
about 6-7 hours and this is my first baby. Total pushing time was
about 20 minutes.

This birth was such a wonderful, intense and incredible experience
and I am so thankful to the Hypnobabies program for allowing me and
my husband to have a birthing experience the way God intended for
women to have.

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