Amberle’s Smooth Easy Birth with a Midwife

Amberle was born at 6:25ish on May 6. I woke up Monday
morning around 4 with cramping thinking to myself, if I don’t get
back to sleep I’m not going to have a very good time! I plugged in
my easy first stage track on my iPod and didn’t wake back up until
about 6:30. Between 6:30 and 7 though, I had about 5
contraction/cramps and started wondering just how fast this birth was
going to be!

As I went about my day I made sure I got some of my last minute
things done such as grabbing some receiving blankets from the store,
and picking up my Medic Alert bracelet from being repaired. Monday
went along pretty normally save the every 20-60 min cramps.

Although by Monday evening I was pretty sure this baby was coming
out, off to bed I went at my normal time after a nice long hot bath.
I managed to sleep from about 22:00 to 0:30, so I got recharged a
bit. By 1:30 I decided I’d better wake up my husband, and get him to
write down the wave times so that I could focus on my training. With
my first birth, I used meditation to take my mind off of the waves,
and found hypnosis similar enough that it was an easy journey.

We called our midwife at 3:30 and with my contractions actively 3-
5min apart, my husband was starting to think we should skip that
stage and head to the hospital. My midwife kept talking to me on the
phone trying to “hear” a wave, but with my training, and tolerance
thre wasn’t much to hear. She asked if I’d like her to come over to
check on me and I did.

She got to our house around 4:30, watched me for half an hour and
checked me at 5. Then she believed me, not that she had doubted me,
but I was working through the waves so well that she wasn’t sure this
was “it.” Once she found I was 6-7cm dialated though, she was ready
to be guided by me. A few washroom breaks later, the last of which I
had two waves going up the stairs, another at the top, and two in the
washroom while trying to get back to them, we all decided that it was
time to get to the hospital. Rush hour would be starting relaitvey
soon, and it’s better to have a baby when you’re not in a car! 🙂

We arrived at the hospital (she had gone ahead) at 6, and as my
husband, son, and I were walking in, things changed. I went from
great focus to the mantra of “almost there” or “almost done” as I
knew from my son’s birth that if there was this much pressure and
need to push and sensation with the waves, then it was time.

We were in the birthing room at 6, my water broke while pushing in a
squating position at 6:15, and Amberle was born at 6:25ish. The only
catch was when our midwife couldn’t find Amberle’s heart beat
(because she was engaged and too low) and I had to get on the
birthing bed. That’s when I felt tearing start, and did end up with
2nd degree tearing. I’m convinced that if I’d been able to stay
squating, I wouldn’t have torn, but we will never know for sure.

Amberle was 7lbs, 7oz and 20 1/2″ long. She had a smaller head than
her brother, and looks a lot like him, just daintier. Her birth went
much more smoothly than her brothers, and I fully give the credit for
that to our midwife. She let me do what I had to do. I paced
between waves, danced through them with my husband, and up until she
told me I had to get on the bed I was free to work through things on
my own. This was a great experience!

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Abigail’s Birth Story

Just wanted to post and say I had Abigail early Thursday morning just
after 5am. My birthing time started at about 8:30pm Wed night. I had
visualized my birth being about 8 hours so right on the money. We
called my parents once we were sure it was time so they could watch

I actually got tired and decided to lay down and rest for about an
hour. I played my ‘birth guide’ cd as I slept. The frequency of my
waves slowed down, but got more intense. At a certain point I felt
re-energized and needed to get up. As soon as I did my waves picked up
in frequency and I felt the urgent need to go to the hospital. We
called our doula to meet us there. My waves were 5 minutes apart in
the car.

I decided once we got to the hospital that instead of using the
wheelchair I wanted to ‘work out’ my waves on the way into L&D. Maybe
not the best idea since 3 couples arrive after us and passed us in the
parking lot. At this point I was stopping every 10 feet. It turned out
the 4 couples showed up at the same time and there were only 2 rooms
available!! I actually labored standing at the nurses station for
almost an hour. I had my MP3 player on with my birth guide and every
time I had a wave (2-3 minutes apart at this point), I leaned forward
on the counter and tried to go as limp as possible.

After a while I got nauseated and needed to sit down. I guess the look
on my face was so peaceful (even though I was going through the most
intense waves) that they didn’t realize I had hit transition! I
finally got taken to a room and things got fast and furious. My
husband, doula, and nurse were fantastic especially when I expressed
that I wanted someone else to do this and please help me! My nurse
later said that the look on my face never mirrored the intensity of
what I was going through. Thank goodness for my Hypnobabies training.
The baby was actually +1 as I dilated from 8 to 10 which took about 1
hour, so the pressure was quite intense. I rocked my hips, panted and
let out low groans as my doula directed me and manage to resist the
very strong urge to push.

I was on my left side most of the time and then instinctively rolled
to my right for the last 10 minutes until I was complete. I had a high
leak but my bag was still intact so the nurse was going to have the
midwife break my water. With the next wave I asked if I could push.
She said yes and I pushed my water out. Pushing on my side didn’t feel
right so I went onto all four and called out for more pillows. I
leaned forward, pushed and the baby crowned! I pushed again and
birthed the head, one more and out she came. I carefully made my way
back onto my back and they gave me my sweet little girl. Once the cord
stopped pulsing they let Howard cut it and they sewed up a 1st degree
tear. She weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz, 19 1/2 inches long and lots and
lots of long dark hair.

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Ammon’s Hypnobabies Home Birth

I lost my mucous plug on Saturday (December. 1st…my due date was the
5th) and had some waves that night, but they stopped around three in
the morning. The next day we walked around the mall and about a
million other places but the waves weren’t coming back. Finally I
decided to go to be around seven at night and they started up
again. I took a bath around nine, watched a movie, and got my
birthing pool ready. Around three in the morning on Monday, December.
3rd, I decided to call my midwife. I was already at 6cm with a
ripened cervix and fully effaced. Two hours later I was at 10 cm.
Up to this point, I hadn’t felt any pain whatsoever.

That’s when things got a little rough…my midwife’s partner decided
to check me to see what was going on because I still didn’t feel the
need to push. I felt INCREDIBLY uncomfortable having her up there
and told her to get her hand away from me and she wouldn’t!!
Anyway, after what seemed like forever, she finally listened to me.
(thanks to my wonderful midwife and friend, Rachel Talley). Anyway,
I felt so uncomfortable that I think I consciously decided to wait a
little longer before having my baby…I didn’t feel ready for it
anymore, and it took me quite a while to get over that feeling.

We got out of the pool for a while and I tried sitting backwards on
the toilet or laying in bed, but it wasn’t helping. The midwives
decided to leave Jason and me alone in the bedroom for a while…it
was actually an amazing experience…my husband started praying for
us and showed an extremely vulnerable side that I’d never seen
before. He told me that Ammon was there with us and that he was on
our way and would be here soon. That gave me some encouragement.

As a side note, I hadn’t invited my mom to the birth because she was
really uncomfortable with the idea of a home birth, so I decided
that I didn’t want negative vibes there. Well, around eleven in the
morning (after about six hours of being fully dilated), she randomly
showed up! It was an amazing experience, though, because I had all
of a sudden really felt the need to have her there, but didn’t want
to call her because I’d felt bad about not inviting her in the first
place. It seems as though as soon as my mom showed up, things
started moving again.

I had to get out of the pool for a while and push on a makeshift
birthing pool (it was so uncomfortable that my butt hurt for a few
days). After several more hours of pushing (you can imagine how
tired I was…I hadn’t slept since Friday night…I was even falling
asleep in between waves!!), my little boys’ head came into sight and
he started crowning. I got back into the pool for my water birth
and had the opportunity to deliver him completely on my own. (This
was at 2:34 after about nine and a half hours of being fully dilated)

He latched on immediately and has been great with BFing ever since.
He weighed exactly 8 lbs and measured 21.5 inches. He’s absolutely
beautiful with blue eyes (must have come from several generations
back because he and I and all our parents have dark brown eyes),
olive skin, and a full head of dark hair.

As for the Hypnobabies…I had my Hypnobabies CD’s going in the
background, but that’s all I did. I’m not sure if it was the
hypnosis, but I can honestly say that the only discomfort I felt was
with the midwife. All the waves were strong and empowering, but no
pain at all. Even the actual birth felt no worse than an Indian

Well, guess that wasn’t exactly short, was it? Anyway, I’d like to
thank all three of you, especially Laura I absolutely loved my
homebirth/Hypnobabies experience and can’t wait for the next one!!

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Skeptically Studied Hypnobabies = Unbelievable Beautiful Birth

I skeptically studied Hypnobabies for the last few months of my pregnancy. My husband was a true critic often trying to prepare me for “reality”. Joking about the “brain washing” CDs. Though he did browse through the partner’s handbook once. This is my story I smile as I write it because even I can’t believe its true…

Thursday- my due date. I was huge and my stretch marks grew daily with my large baby. I worried about her size and the fact that Samantha, my previous child, had been 8 lb. 14 oz. 5 days before my due date. We visited my midwife on my due date hoping to get started naturally. She pressed some muscles inside me and did get contractions going strongly. So we excitedly prepared for childbirth. We walked around the park in Richfield then visited Daniel’s sister who was induced 2 weeks early and had her little girl, Kaycee, on my due date. Then Daniel took me swimming. That was wonderful! I highly recommend it to all pregnant women. We finally decided to go home. The contractions were strong and all the way there I wondered if we should be turning around. After a shower and bed the contractions stopped.

Friday- I was very moody and spent most of the day crying and begging Alyssa to come out. I had no contractions all day just mild Braxton Hicks.

Saturday- I felt emotionally exhausted and decided to give up on having a baby and go on with life. I spent the day raking the back yard and thinking about home renovations. Sunday- Samantha woke me up at 3am Sunday morning wanting another drink of water. After returning to bed I had a very strong contraction. “That was a good one” I sighed. Daniel’s eyes popped open knowing immediately what I was talking about. By 3:30am we were packed and headed to the hospital the contractions were around 31/2 minutes apart. DeAnn, my mother in law, came over to watch the kids.  On the way to the hospital I compared my drive to the one I’d taken a few months earlier when Crystal, my sister, was in labor. She was grabbing my arm and fighting the contractions. I was doing all I could just to keep the car on the icy winding roads. This time it was different. I was completely relaxed. Between contractions I would talk to Daniel comfortably and during them I’d just breathe. A song drifted through my mind. I don’t remember the lyrics now something about driving and a count down. Here we come I thought, “This is it!” “Am I ready?” “Relax.” And I did.

As we pulled into the hospital, (around 4:15), Dixie, my midwife, and a nurse rushed out to meet me with a wheel chair. I was relieved. I’d been dreading walking in. We had pre-registered. So we were taken straight into a peaceful room with dimmed lights. After checking me and seeing that I was at a 6,doing fine and not progressing too quickly Dixie napped in the room across the hall with instructions that we were to wake her when we needed her. During this time I listened to the birth day affirmations CD. I’d listened to all the other CDs so many times before that I’d trained my body well to relax. When it was over Daniel helped me to relax guiding me into my special place. My special place changed a little from when I practiced at home. Before it had been in our bed relaxing in his arms this time instead of bed we were standing on the beach in Cancun listening to the rolling waves under a blanket of stars. Watching ships sail by. And most importantly I was still in my favorite place-his arms. The nurse came in and drew a bath. I was looking forward to the jetted tub. It quickly became my favorite birthing place. I relaxed on the side of the tub while Daniel used the shower nozzle to spray my back with deliciously warm water just where I needed it most. It really helped me to release my lower back muscles. I highly recommend this too! When I tired of the tub and felt ready for something new I got back up into bed. Dixie came in and surprised that we’d given her so much sleep commented on how good I was doing. She turned on some beautiful lullabies. I enjoyed listening to them; visualizing rocking my baby and the peaceful moments we’d soon share together, while she and Daniel massaged my hands and feet. I have never been so pampered as when I’m in labor. Then I followed her advice and sat on the birthing ball with my head and arms resting on the bed. Daniel went to the cafeteria for breakfast it was around 9:30 am. I felt a momentary twinge of panic as I watched him leave and Dixie took his place squeezing my lower back to counter pressure during my ”birthing waves”.  This worry quickly dissipated as we talked and I continued to relax. “Peace.” I would silently say to myself, and I had peace. I drank a few sips of juice and nibbled on a cracker after Daniel returned with his breakfast tray. Dixie left to eat after Daniel finished and I stood and “danced” in his arms for a few minutes by this time I was beginning to feel a bit tired so I returned to bed. Dixie returned and checked me again, at a 9, and told me she didn’t believe my water would break on it’s own, it was very strong. I told her to wait a bit longer afraid that I would loose control once it broke and transition really hit. I thought of my previous two births where I came out of the birthing room with blood shot eyes and a hoarse throat from moaning. Wow, what a difference it had been so far! When she returned I agreed to let her break my water holding on to the thought that my baby would soon be in my arms. It wasn’t a sudden attack of “birthing waves”. I got back onto the birthing ball as she encouraged and yes I even had three on top of each other at times but no I never lost control. During this time my mother arrived to witness my final pregnant moments. I repeated my words of relaxation as I had throughout the experience. “Peace”,” Relax”, “This is my birthing day I choose how I feel and I feel completely comfortable and relaxed”, “I can stay relaxed and have peace throughout my birthing time and I do.”  I didn’t use the finger drop technique a lot, or counting up or down, I just did what felt right for me. Now my thoughts changed. I thought of my baby, Alyssa, what she would look like, and how she would soon feel in my arms. Then I talked to her. I told her about the world she was coming into and promised to show her the beauties of the earth, to introduce her to the feel of bark on the tree, the smell of flowers, puppies, and all the beautiful creations of God. This is our moment Alyssa and we can do it together. Dixie interrupted my thoughts encouraging me to stand leaning over the side of my bed my hands resting on it and rocking my body back and forth knees slightly bent. Hesitantly, I obeyed not thinking that it sounded like a very comfortable position. I couldn’t have been in this position for a full 3 minutes when I began saying “pushy, pushy” the words rushing out as I felt a powerful desire to push. Mistaking my meaning Dixie encouraged Daniel to push harder on my back Unable to articulate more words I began trying to climb onto the bed changing my words to “Pushing, Pushing!” as they realized my meaning Dixie and the nurse scrambled to get pads to place under me though they all still thought I had plenty of pushing time ahead of me. I however was pushing fiercely and couldn’t stop I was partially on the bed, sideways, and turned leaning back on the metal arms of it when Dixie, trying to slow me down so I wouldn’t tear, said “Serena, give me your hand. Here, feel your baby’s head”. As my hand was placed over what felt like the enormous head of my baby my mother’s instincts kicked in. I was again in control and I realized that I’d never lost it I had even been pushing saying “Ah!” as directed in my book. I slowed and the words in my mind leapt from my mouth. “Gently, Gently, Gently,” and I gently pushed my baby out and into our arms. As they secured my slippery babe into my arms I lifted her up onto my chest. “Beautiful” I said as I leaned back on the bed gazing into to her heavenly eyes she was perfect, exquisite! “Beautiful” the labor was beautiful, unbelievably beautiful! “Beautiful” I repeated again and again, everything was beautiful!

My recovery was quick, for the first time I hadn’t torn. As I held her in my arms time stood still I cannot describe the beauty of the first moment a mother looks into her daughters eyes and holds her in her arms. Nothing else will ever compare to it. You must experience it yourself to feel the full amount of joy! Finally I relinquished her to the arms of her father and Dixie. Alyssa Dawn was 8 lb. 11 oz. and 21 in. long. She stayed with me that night. I awoke often to gaze at my little miracle peacefully sleeping curled up beside me. I had strong after-birth contractions for the following week that thankfully my Hypnobabies training helped me through. I recommend Hypnobabies to all birthing mothers and to anyone who desires to teach their body to breath deeply and slowly and completely relax.

The greatest compliment I received was from my mother. She, who makes labor look easy after giving birth to 9 at home 2 of which I watched and aided, she told me it was the most reverent birth she had ever witness and continues to brag to all of her friends about my amazing delivery. It truly was a peaceful experience!


Thank you Hypnobabies!


Love, Serena

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Hypnobabies Water Birth – Baby Number 2


On a Friday evening, my “nightly contractions” began.  Even though
they were pretty regular, I did not allow myself to believe I was in
early labor because I had been having contractions each day for
several weeks that would get regular for a few hours and then taper
off.  In fact, I had pre-term labor contractions at 32-34 weeks that
ended up with me off work early and on bed-rest.  So, I fully expected
to go into labor soon after hitting 36 weeks when I was allowed to be
more active again, but here I was six days away from my due date of
11/04 and completely surprised to find I would likely have a November
baby after all.

I went to bed telling myself that if it were the “real thing” then the
contractions would continue during the night and not be gone in the
morning as had happened several times in the previous weeks.  Each
time I woke up to use the restroom, the contractions were still there,
but I was able to go back to sleep.  I had stayed up all night in
early labor with my first pregnancy, and ended up being exhausted by
the time I delivered, so I was determined this time to get sleep early
on if I could.  On Saturday morning, the contractions were still
coming, but they were not really painful, so I was not convinced I was
in labor.  S planned, we took our 2-year-old to get a haircut and then
to McDonalds for lunch as a treat (my one regret, if I had truly
believed I was in labor, I would not have eaten McDonalds J ).  We
decided to take our son kite flying since the weather was so pretty.
We debated a little, but I told my husband that we should go since
this could be our last weekend together as just the three of us.  We
stopped at home to get the kite and I told him we should put my
hospital bags in the car “just in case.”  They had been packed since
the pre-term labor scares in September, so my instinct to actually put
them in the car on this day should have told me this was the real thing.

We drove up to a local plateau that is good for kite flying and I
relaxed in a folding chair, listening to my birthing affirmations CD,
enjoying the breezy day and watching my husband and son playing with
rocks and flying their kite.  Oddly, our dog wasn’t running and
playing with the guys, but mostly laid near me- did she know something
was up?  After listening to a few CDs and relaxing through my
contractions, I suddenly felt the need to start timing them.  All day
long, the contractions had been coming regularly, but I felt they were
not lasting very long and did not consider them to be painful.
Nevertheless, I timed several and was surprised to find they were
actually lasting about 60-70 seconds and were coming only 4-5 minutes
apart.  I was not sure what to think because the contractions were
quite regular but not painful.  So my husband suggested I call my
midwife and ask what she thought.

I called the midwife and told her I didn’t know if this was the real
thing, but wanted to get her feel.  I really expected that she would
tell me to go home and relax and call back because I know they judge
by how you sound on the phone, and I was really relaxed and not in
pain.  But apparently the timing and consistency of my contractions
told her something was going on, so she said, “Don’t rush, take care
of whatever you need to, but come on in to the hospital.”  She said
she would call and make the arrangements for our water birth (only a
few labor rooms could accommodate them) and she’d meet us at the
hospital in a few hours.  I was a bit shocked as I hung up and told my
husband that we probably should head out.  It was quite surreal and I
listened to my hypnosis CDs as we headed down the mountain.  My
husband was impressed at how much I “checked out” during each
contraction.  We dropped our dog off at my grandparent’s house and I
told my grandma it might be tonight, that I was going to the hospital
and would call her if they wanted me to stay.  We then dropped our son
off with my parents and got some last minute stuff together.  I had
planned to make some goodies to bring for the nurses and midwife while
in early labor, but instead asked my mom to do it for me and to bring
them if I called them to come to the hospital (I still wasn’t
convinced I’d be staying).

Once we got to the hospital, as I had been warned to expect, the
nurses did not take me too seriously at first because I did not appear
to be in pain.  We asked about the water birthing room, and the nurse
replied that we would worry about that after we determined whether I
was even staying.  She hooked me up to the monitors and fortunately my
contractions were registering strongly and consistently.  My blood
pressure was a little high, but I believe it was because I was nervous
about whether I would be told to go home.  Only 20 minutes later, my
midwife showed up, took me off the monitors and checked my dilation.
I was at a 4-5 and she said, “Let’s go to your room!”  That was the
only time I was on monitors for my entire labor.  She wanted me to
labor for a bit more before getting into the tub.  I labored for an
hour or two, walking, using the birthing ball, and listening to my
Hypnobabies CDs.  It was a wonderful experience- I remained in my own
comfy clothes and had no IV or monitoring (just an occasional
heartbeat check).

Then I got into the tub and it was just heavenly.  The floating
sensation was so comforting and the warm water soothing.  I spent a
lot of the time on my knees, leaning forward onto the wall of the tub.
We alternated playing my birthing day hypnosis with an ocean sounds
CD that reminded me of my special place.  Switching them out worked
well for me, because I found that if I listened to the same thing over
and over, I would start to tune it out completely and lose focus.
During this time, I would describe my labor as intense, like a hard
workout.  In fact, for this reason, referring to it as “labor” did not
bother me, because I felt like it required a lot of effort and
concentration, just like competing in a sporting event or
participating in a difficult project would require.  But at no point
did I find the effort or intensity to be unmanageable.  This was BIG
for me, and a complete difference from my previous delivery.  During
that labor, my pressure waves were pitocin-augmented and were very
irregular and uncomfortable, so despite my desire for a natural
childbirth, I found myself longing for pain-relief with each wave.  In
contrast, this time I never even considered asking for drugs- it would
have been completely unnecessary.  Since this had been my biggest fear
prior to the birth, I was relieved to find myself so in control and
allowing my body to do exactly as it was meant to do.

At one point, I felt the urge to push, and my midwife trusted my
instincts, without even checking my dilation.  I remained on my hands
and knees and tried to push there, but started to get jittery and to
feel a little out of control and scared.  My midwife suggested that I
switch positions and not actively try to push for a while, but just
see what my body wanted to do.  So I laid back in the tub and relaxed
against my husband and regained my focus.  As intense as everything
was just moments before, I suddenly felt mellow and even sleepy.  This
was the “rest and be thankful” stage that I had read might happen, and
it really was great.  I actually dozed for a while between pressure
waves.  Then a little while later, I have no idea how long, suddenly
the pushing urge returned with a much greater vengeance.  It was
amazing, almost like a freight train roaring through my body that I
could not have stopped if I had even wanted to try.  I pushed for a
while in a supported squat, but after a bit, my midwife felt that the
baby’s head was not crowning because my bag of waters were still
intact.  She suggested that she break them and allow him to fully
descend and I agreed.  In order to give her access to break the
membranes, I leaned back onto my pelvis, still in the tub.  As soon as
the waters released, the baby’s head crowned.  It was incredible.  My
midwife tried to get me to switch positions, but at that point I
refused to move and just wanted to push my baby out.

I won’t lie.  The last few minutes of pushing hurt.  But, I could feel
my baby’s head- he was right there and I didn’t care at that point if
it hurt some.  I felt like a powerful she-cat, bearing my young,
pushing when the urge hit me, screaming with the intensity of it all,
and collapsing to rest in the moments of reprieve.  No one yelled
“Push” at me or told me when to push, they just completely supported
me and my own timing.  And suddenly, the baby’s head was out and we
could all see him there under the water.  The midwife unwrapped his
cord a bit and with one more push he floated out.  I pulled him up to
my chest crying and felt so relieved and blessed to finally have him
in my arms.  He didn’t even cry, just looked around a bit with his
big, dark eyes and snuggled in close to my chest.  I had no tearing at
all, even with a meaty 8 lb, 10 oz baby.  My little water baby was so
mellow and peaceful, and didn’t even squeal until the nurse rubbed him
a bit to stimulate him.  Then he latched right on and nursed while his
cord finished pulsing and I birthed the placenta.  My little guy was
born in the night on Halloween, exactly as my grandma had predicted
the previous spring. He was also born on the night of the time change,
so although it should have been 3:59am, we “fell back” and I only got
credit for laboring until 2:59am 🙂

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t done it myself.  I know what
painful labor is, having gone through it with my first son, so I know
firsthand what a difference being prepared through hypnosis can make.
I also later learned that because of the way I was positioned in the
birthing tub, the baby’s head actually broke my tailbone as it passed
by.  No wonder it hurt!  This time, I know better how to avoid this
and expect to have a completely manageable labor, pushing and all.  It
really helps to know I have actually done it, and childbirth with
hypnosis really works.

baby boy #3 due sometime in May

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Alex Chase Arrives!

Alex Chase
was born
May 14
at 4:28 AM
He weighed in at 8 lbs straight
and was 19 1/2 inches long.
Little Alex was a gentleman and let Mommy see his big brother sing in church for Mother’s Day.  After that though, he was ready to come (or maybe just Mom was), and BOY did he come fast.   I’d wanted to have a natural birth, and I used my Hypnobabies cds and techniques, and apparently they worked – maybe a little too well. 🙂  We got to the hospital at 3:23 AM, and he was born an hour later, with the nurse delivering!  For the full story, read on… if you don’t care for detailed birth stories, skip the next paragraph!
The first REAL contractions started about 10:30 Sunday (I’d been having them off and on all week).  I was up all night, but was very calm and relaxed.  Finally about 2 am I woke Jeremy up and told him I was going to take a shower (which, incidentally helped with the labor and also made me feel better about going to the hospital all clean -not gross like I was with David!)  I thought my water might have broken in the shower so after I got out and dressed Jeremy packed up the car, we dropped David off with friends and headed for the hospital.  By this time things were 2-5 minutes apart, but I really didn’t feel the need to rush – we had at least a couple of hours, right! We checked in at 3:23 – and found out that I was 7 cm dilated and 90% effaced!   I had no idea I was THAT far.  So off we went to Labor and Delivery where the nurses scrambled to get the monitors and IV going and to get the on-call Dr there in time.  In the next 20 minutes or so though my body was ready, Alex was crowing and I couldn’t not push!  It was at this point I had a hard time remembering to use my hypnosis.  The pressure was so intense, and for some reason, I thought I was going to have to stay this way for another hour, not minutes.  After little more than 5-10 VERY intense minutes Alex came into the world though, with the bag of waters actually still intact.  (That’s supposed to be good luck.  It’s also pretty ironic, seeing how the only reason I decided we should go in when we did is because I wasn’t sure if my water had broken or not)  Luckily, I only had some minor tearing, and there was no “ring of fire.”
Alex is a very calm little guy,  with long fingers and toes and bright eyes (when they’re open).  Everything seems to be fine with him, except his right ear.  It’s kind of like if you took your ear and folded it down over the ear opening.   He did respond to some frequencies on that side during the hearing test though, so it’s most likely mostly a cosmetic deal.   It’s like we saved money on him not having to have an anesthesiologist, but will end up paying for reconstructive surgery instead! 🙂  Still, we’re very glad he’s here and wouldn’t trade him for anything!  So far loves to eat and sleep (I actually got a 3 1/2 hour stretch last night!).  David was very excited for his little brother to come too.   We talked to him over the phone and told him that Alex had come out of Mommy’s tummy, and he was like, ” Maya, Alex came out of Mommy’s tummy!”   He does pretty good at holding him so far, and seems pretty fascinated by him.   
We love and care about you all, and wanted you to share in our good news.  Enjoy the pictures!
Jeremy, Melanie, David and Alex

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I want updates from YOU!

It is hard to believe my first Hypnobabies Class “babies” are 8 years old.    I have worked with hundreds of Moms, maybe even thousands if I count the Moms from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.

Here is my update…

  • Baby Bryson from my Hypnobabies Birth Video is 9.


    Enjoying May Day at our Amazing Charter School

  • T2 is 14 and an aspiring you tube singer
  • T1 is 17 and a grand adventurer (sometimes taking a bit too much risk for our liking…. broken bones, a dangerous trip to Mexico where he was actually kidnapped– miraculously he is home safe and fine!)

    Happy Times at U2

    Happy Times at U2

  • Rob and I just had our 20th anniversary and are surviving 3 boys.  🙂20 Years!

I remember fondly all of my Hypnobabies Families!

I wanted to say Hi to everyone who I have taught.  I keep in touch with some of you on Facebook, but most of you I have lost track of and have no idea what is going on with you or your “babies”.
I would love to hear an update from you!  Please contact me or leave a comment below!

What I am up to instead of Hypnobabies

I also wanted to let you know that I am taking a break from teaching Hypnobabies and doulaing.  I have started doing Emotional Clearing work and also teaching other classes.
Emotional Clearing/Body Balancing – a great way to release blocks or traumas that are holding you back.  I also have used it Moms helping them as they work through parenting challenges.  (It was super helpful for me dealing with Devon’s “adventure”.
I also help many children, from issues ranging from weaning, sleeping through the night and other transitions.  It works on so many things, from physical health to emotional health.
It is awesome because it can be done over the phone, so I have helped people from Russia to Ohio to here in California.  Click here if you want to learn more.
Eternal Warriors Classes can help you with parenting and life.  It is an 8 week class, it is like Life Coaching with a spiritual twist.  I am not planning on teaching another live class until the fall, but I do have it available online through the summer.
Here is one of my favorite tools from that class.

Light Switch – A Tool for Staying Calm Amongst Chaos from Sheridan Ripley on Vimeo.

Essential Oils I have been using these for the last 4 years and it is such a great way to keep my family healthy and also help with emotional balance.  I have shared these oils one on one with many friends and doula clients. Everyone who uses oils loves them.
I am starting to teach oil classes now.  I have 2 free classes coming up.
  • Thursday June 18th at 7 PM on Emotional Healing with Essential Oils.
  • Tuesday June 23rd at 7 PM on Essential Oils to Keep Your Family Healthy
Click here to RSVP for a class!
If these dates do not work for you (or you don’t live in Orange County), and you are interested in learning more about oils, contact me and let me know and I will keep you informed of future class dates, or we could meet up one on one (or even via Skype) and we could catch up and I could teach you a personalized class!

Please send me an update with how you are doing!

Either in the comments below, or via e-mail!

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A great way to watch edited movies!

Have you ever been watching a movie with your kids in the room and you cringe when you hear or see something inappropriate?

Or what about when you are so excited to show your kids a movie you loved from your youth – like Back to the Future and then are shocked by all the swear words!

I am so excited I found VidAngel.  It is a great way to stream edited videos.  You can choose the level of editing you want in different areas, from language to violence to sex.  It is customizable.

ALSO it ends up being cheaper than Vudu!  And those movies you want to rent/stream but you have to buy them to stream them???  No longer a problem.  🙂

Check out VidAngel and see if you love it as much as I do.

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A New Hypnobabies Birth Video

I love it when people share their birth videos with me. Here is a great one from a reader who was kind enough to share!

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Breech Baby – Need Help Turning the Baby?


12 pound baby born vaginally!Sadly it is hard to find a care provider who will support a mom in doing a vaginal birth of a breech baby.  There are some out there, but you really have to search.  Contact your local childbirth educators and doulas to see if they have resources for you.

There are many different tools and tips to encourage your baby to turn.

Can listening to a MP3 actually help?

Luckily Hypnobabies has a MP3 you can buy and download.  Turn Your Breech Baby, Yes You Can!   I have had many doula clients/students use the Hypnobabies Breech Baby MP3, most with great success.

Can you use the MP3 if you are not a Hypnobabies student?

YES you can, it is meant for any pregnant mom, you don’t need to be taking Hypnobabies.  Which is great news!


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