Labor of Love Review and Give Away!

There is nothing more exciting than to recieve a book in the mail, except recieving a BIRTH book in the mail.  I got it on Friday and had finished the book by Sunday.  The Labor of Love was written… Read More

How I became a RELUCTANT Web Programer

Before I was ever a doula or Hypnobaibies Childbirth Instructor, I created my first webpage.  Pregnancy Birth and Babies.  I was a member of this great Hypnobabies Yahoo Group and moms kept sharing their wonderful birth stories.  I… Read More

A must read book for Introverts

The Introvert Advantage by Marti Laney   On the back cover it says, “Filled with Aha! Moments.”   It is true, as an Introvert, I had many of these reading this book.  I scrapbook with a group of… Read More

Library Display is UP!

I will admit it isn’t very pretty, but hopefully it will attract attention and people will take the free bookmarks with list of books and websites! I had the information on doula poster from a Babies R Us… Read More

Pushed by Jennifer Block

Pushed:  The Painful Truth about Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care by, Jennifer Block Wow, what a book!  When I read books from the library, I put little slips of paper on the pages I want to go back… Read More

Great ideas for choosing a care provider…

How can you find the best care provider for your birth?   Well, a lot of this depends on what kind of birth you want to have.  How can you know what kind of birth you want to have? … Read More

Review of a Perfect Pair of Books

     I do NOT recommend What to Expect When you are Expecting… this tells you everything that can go wrong and tells you to expect it.  I used to recommend Your Pregnancy Week by Week, because moms wanted… Read More

Birth by Tina Cassidy

Birth by Tina Cassidy Who is the intended audience of this book?  Care providers of pregnant women… if they actually take time to read it, the may learn something.  Women of childbearing age or younger or anyone in… Read More

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