Breech Baby – Need Help Turning the Baby?

  Sadly it is hard to find a care provider who will support a mom in doing a vaginal birth of a breech baby.  There are some out there, but you really have to search.  Contact your local… Read More

eXternal Version and Beautiful Birth Story

I was so happy when I reader offered to share her story of her external version for my X day.  I had not thought of a good topic for today.  So here is Sarah’s story of how her… Read More

Beautiful Breech Birth Story AND Photos

Katrina, a mom from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group sent in her amazing  birth story.  She was pregnant with a breech baby, who just didn’t want to turn.  Luckily she found a midwife who was trained to catch vaginal… Read More

Unexpected Cesarean due to Surprise Breech Baby

I am sharing this story of a birth I attended as a doula, with permission from the mom. Charlotte’s Birth Jennifer had a few weeks of pre-birth pressure waves, it was a bit surprising to us all when… Read More

Freedom of Choice

It is amazing to me that women are not free to choose how they birth.  Many women are told they MUST have a cesarean, because their care providers or hospitals refuse to allow them to have a vaginal birth. … Read More

Cesarean for 5th baby after 4 vaginal births

I have a dear friend who recently had her 5th baby.  She escaped a cesarean with her first with a patient OB who allowed her to push for 4 hours with a posterior baby.  Then she narrowly escaped… Read More

Beautiful Breech Homebirth Story

Breech Homebirth surrounded by mothers (Dad was away on business!)             I wasn’t surprised to have sailed past my due date with my 5th baby. Fielding the phone calls, answering the questions about “when are you due?” had… Read More

Breech Vaginal Birth

I found this story from Rixa’s Blog. It is of a woman who was planning an unassisted birth.  It was a surprise footling breech baby and there are amazing pictures with it!  Here is the amazing story. Pin… Read More

Talking to a mom planning a cesarean

 When I find out someone is planning a cesarean, I start by asking, “Why?”  It helps that I can say, “I had a cesarean with my first baby.  Why are you having one?”  Then I listen to their… Read More

New Cesarean Rates are not surprising, but are disappointing.

Cesarean rates are at an all time high and no one in the medical community or women’s groups seem to care.  But there are women who DO care!  I am one of them.  In the next weeks I… Read More

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