Don't feel guilty – get angry – take action!

Maybe in reading about my Tale of Two OC Moms you got a little mad about your own births.  Or maybe you are happy you made the choices you did. I read a great article in the Huffington… Read More

Policies and Attitudes and how they can prevent or lead to cesareans.

I want to point out that as I compare these two births right now, I am not judging these moms choices.  They each made the best choices for them and their babies along the way.  I am just… Read More

My guilt about Cara’s birth

I have to admit I felt a bit guilty after I found out Cara ended up with a cesarean. When she talked about changing care providers, I certainly said she should change if she felt like it.  … Read More

The Tale of 2 OC Moms – Your Birth Location Matters!

In Honor of Cesarean Awareness Month: a continuation of a Tale of Two OC Hospitals. I had 2 first time moms in one of my Hypnobabies Classes.  Their births were similar in many ways – but had different… Read More

Birth and Faith Survey

I created a survey to look at if and how someone’s faith could effect their birth.  Please take a few minutes to fill it out!  It should only take about 5 minutes.   Click Here to take survey If… Read More

Emotional Aspects of Being a Doula

The Trust Birth Conference was very interesting.  It was fun talking with other doulas there.  We had one group discussion and someone talked about how our work as Doula’s can be effected by our births.  It made me… Read More

Long Back to Back Births

The end of  2007 I attended two very long births back to back.  Out of 63 hours I was gone 57.  I was home for a few hours of sleep between them.  I missed my 2 year olds… Read More

April is Cesarean Awareness Month

I have had a cesarean with my first baby.  It was a medical emergency and I feel that it saved my baby’s life.  Baby was not OK and needed to be born NOW.  I am grateful for living… Read More

Why is she choosing a Cesarean?

 This post is NOT about medically necessary cesareans, there are certainly times when choosing a cesarean is obviously the best choice, when the life of mom or baby is at stake.  This is also is a total of 4… Read More

Talking to a mom planning a cesarean

 When I find out someone is planning a cesarean, I start by asking, “Why?”  It helps that I can say, “I had a cesarean with my first baby.  Why are you having one?”  Then I listen to their… Read More

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