South Orange County Hospital Cesarean Rates

April 10, 2010 in Birth Care Provider, Birth Location, Choose Wisely

I picked these hospitals out of the California List, because they are the ones my doula clients go to.

They do not surprise me.   The hospital I recommend to all my moms is Saddleback.  It is the most NCB friendly and have policies that are set  in place to help it have low interventions.  (for example:  OBs have to fill out a surgical report if they do an episiotomy)

Hospital %C/S Total Births
Hoag 37% 5436
Irvine Reg 35.50% 1077
St. Joseph 34.30% 5010
Mission 32.60% 3320
Kaiser 31.70% 1215
Saddleback 30.10% 2888
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