Long Back to Back Births

The end of  2007 I attended two very long births back to back.  Out of 63 hours I was gone 57.  I was home for a few hours of sleep between them.  I missed my 2 year olds… Read More

50 Ways to Birth More Safely

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Sad article about doulas in the New York Times

 Here is the article.  Here is my response. This is really a shame that this mom had a negative experiences with her doula.  My role as a doula is to support the mom in whatever SHE wants.  This… Read More

Inductions Part 1

As usual this is not meant as medical advice.  This is just information with a lot of links so you can do more research!   Then make the best decision for yourself!  Everyone wonders why the cesarean rate is… Read More

The top 10: Reasons Why I Moderate the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group

Here I am on vacation, checking e-mails and blogging.  I am the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group Moderator.  It probably takes me about 1 hour a day on average to be in charge of that group.  Well maybe 5 hours… Read More

Care providers of birthing mothers…

Why, why, why must you try to scare moms?  Why can’t you just say “It’s hospital policy”, or give them pros and cons rationally, then let the mom decide.  Why lie to them?  Why bully them?  Why treat… Read More

Do you feel disconnected to your birth using hypnosis?

This is a common concern of moms interested in using hypnosis for childbirth.  They wonder if they will just be zoned out on a bed and not aware of what is going on.  The easy answer is NO,… Read More

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