Baby Born 90 Minutes after Baking Cake!

July 26, 2011 in Birth, Birth Stories, Hypnobabies

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this three part Hypnobabies birth story.

Part 1: Baking of the Cake on a Normal Afternoon

While we were running around in the kitchen we timed a few of them and they were about a minute long and 4-5 minutes apart. When I felt one coming, I’d lean on the counter and sway until it started to go away. Things were still so casual I decided we should make some buttercream frosting and ice Robert’s birthday cake we’d made the day before. When I started working on it, Jordan said “we are NOT making frosting for a cake right now!” He thought it sounded ridiculous. But I told him we didn’t have anything better to do.

Part 2: Moving to the Birth Tub and Pushing the Baby Out

Seriously, birth is always a surprise. Even the third time. He was born at 7:17 pm, during one of the final scenes of Peter Pan, after about 20-30 minutes of pushing. It was about an hour and a half after we finished his birthday cake, which makes me laugh.

Part 3:  Jenny Shares Her Favorite Pictures from the birth (They are SO sweet!)

This was actually during the most intense part, just a few minutes before Robert was born. I love this one so much!

I love this one so much too!  Jenny used Hypnobabies for her birth.  Thanks for sharing your inspirational story with the world!

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Baby Born in Library Bathroom

June 21, 2011 in Birth Stories

I am a big Library Lover and also a Birth Lover.  So this is my dream birth.  :)

I LOVED this article about Jennifer who had her birth in the library bathroom.   There are so many things I love about this story:

  • “Titus Sebastian was born around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday with the help of two of Wagner’s friends in the bathroom of the library. It was calm and quick
  • Mom realized it was time to go to the hospital.
  • Dad went to get the car.
  • Mom had to go to the bathroom first.
  • “When we got in there I realized I didn’t need to use the restroom,” she said. “I needed to push.”
  • She had friends there Sarah and Michelle who “had experience with at-home birthing, called to a friend to get a paramedic to the library. She then stepped in to help Wagner deliver her baby boy.”  – How awesome is that!  Friends nearby who weren’t freaked out by this situation.
  • Her friends had taken classes in which they were trained on what to do if there is no time to get to a hospital or home to a midwife, which is called unassisted birth. “It’s never something we aim for, it’s never something we plan but it happens. I was never worried about it. I was never nervous.”

There are so many other great things in this story, please go and read it.  But, basically she had a normal birth, with a healthy baby.  Yes, it was in the library bathroom, but it was awesome!

I will say that I have a secret desire that one day I will be in a situation like this.  Able to step in and help a mom birth a baby.  Who knows if it will ever happen.  But this story proves it could!

Thanks to Melanie for telling me about this story.  She knew I would love it!

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Flooded by Amniotic Fluid – Shelly’s 2nd birth

May 17, 2011 in Birth, Birth Stories, Births Attended, Doula, Hypnobabies

Well this year Shelly had her 2nd baby and outdid both the stories above!  I attended Shelly’s first birth and was so excited when she called to say she was pregnant again and asked if I could be her doula!  I had an open spot in my next Hypnobabies Class, so she came to class and it was just such a joy to go to pre-natal appointments and see her cute boy and how big he was!

We all were hoping that this birth would go much quicker for her.  Well, we got what we hoped for!

Shelly called me around 5:30 PM on Saturday, while I was out to dinner for my hubby’s birthday,  to say she had seen Lindsey (her midwife) that day and was about 2cm.  She was having pressure waves about every 30 minutes.  Maybe it would be in the next day or so.

Shelly texted me around 12:30 am.  She said she was having pressure waves every 5-7 minutes.  I asked if she needed me to come.  She said yes, “they were getting a little unmanageable”

Her hubby was still in bed at this point.  She had been having pressure waves closer and closer since 10:30, had spent 110:30-12:30 in the shower and finally realized this was it!  She got Chris up a little after she texted me so he could start getting the tub ready.

I hopped up and took a fast shower.  E-mailed my other client and my back up doulas and then headed out.  I was hoping that she would have a faster birth than last time.  Her first birth (I was her doula then) was fairly long and she was exhausted by the time it was over.  So I prayed on the way over, “Please bless that she will have her baby by sunrise today the 16th!”  (I was very specific, I didn’t want it to be sunrise the next day!)

I got to her house around 1:30 am and decided to park a little up the street leaving room for the midwife when she got there.

I went in and Chris said she was having trouble focusing. I peaked in the bathroom and said “Hi”, I told her I would run my bags up (their bedroom downstairs was FILLED with the tub and no extra room).  So I ran up, got out my notebook to write notes and headed back down.  (I did not have any time to write any notes!)

Shelly was leaning on the sink and I helped her through a pressure wave.  She said it was really intense in her back.  She asked for some juice.  So after that wave I ran up to get some and hurried back down.

When I got down she was sitting on the toilet.  When she had her next pressure wave she made a little pushy noise.

“Are you feeling pushy?”


“Have you called the midwife?”


I breathe a sigh of relief.

However with the next pressure wave she makes more pushy noises.  I wonder, “Am I going to end up catching this baby?”

Lindsey got there about 5 minutes later, much to my joy, around 1:45.  Shelly had had another sounding pushy to me pressure wave and had another right when Lindsey got there.

Lindsey asked, “Is she pushing?”

I responded “Shelly doesn’t think so, but it sounds like it to me!”

Lindsey checked the baby’s heartrate and then hurried to get things set up.  Chris was trying to fill the birth pool.  I was wondering if there would be time for that.  I could see in the bedroom, her Mom was also working frantically to cover the bed with the plastic sheet and a blanket.

I just focused on Shelly and supporting her through each pressure wave.  After a few more she said she felt burning in her birth canal.  I said, “Great!”  I relayed the news to Lindsey.

With the next one I took a peek and thought I saw a bit of baby head!

I yelled to the other room, “Lindsey I see the baby’s head!”

Lindsey yelled back, “Is the head OUT?”

“No but it is right there, or maybe it is the amniotic sac.”

So Chris and I helped get Shelly into her bedroom.  I am thinking it was around 1:53 or so?

Shelly asked, “Is the baby almost here?” I assured her yes!

We helped her get on her hands and knees, but it was hard for Lindsey to hear the baby, so she asked her to get on her side.  Shelly quickly moved to her side and I held her leg up, because the head was right there.

We heard the baby’s heartbeat and the head was practically crowning at this point.  On the next pressure wave she pushed the head out… right as the other midwife called.  Lindsey said, “The head is out.  It is the house with the Christmas Lights.”  I was glad I had parked up the street so there was room.  Another pressure wave and Shelly pushed the baby out.  It was 1:59!

As she pushed either the body or the head I can’t remember which, a gush of amniotic fluid came out and flooded the bed, Lindsey and my leg got soaked!  :)

Shelly was a bit shocked once the baby was out. I think we all were.  So Shelly didn’t get her water birth, but it was certainly a very wet birth.  Because the bed was soaked and Shelly was all wet, she was really cold after.  She enjoyed the baby and after awhile Chris got on the bed and I changed my pants.

After the placenta was delivered, Shelly went to the bathroom and got cleaned up and settled on the bed. The baby was weighed and measured.  8 pounds 15 ounces and 19 inches.  The birth photographer was there by then and was taking pictures.

After awhile I realized it was time to go.

I was home and back in bed by 5 AM.

It was certainly one of my fastest births and I am so glad I got to be there.  Had I known it was going to be that fast I would have skipped the shower!  So I could have given Shelly more support.  That hour after she texted me was a challenge because she was all on her own while Chris was getting the tub set up.

She is very happy how it all ended up though!

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My first Birth with a Non-Hypnobabies Couple

March 29, 2011 in Birth, Birth Stories, Births Attended, Doula, Hypnobabies

I was the back up doula heading to a birth of a couple I had never met.  To make matters more interesting I had never attended a birth of a couple who hadn’t taken Hypnobabies.  I was more then a little nervous.


I said a few prayers on the drive to the hospital and tried to remind myself of the studies where they found it was beneficial to birthing mothers to just have a woman sitting in the room knitting.  I could certainly be more helpful than THAT.


It was a little strange going into a hospital room, meeting complete strangers and realizing you would be sharing one of the most amazing experiences with them.


I haven’t yet gotten permission to share their birth story, so here is a completely generic run down.

Basic Birth Story


  • I read their birth plan so I knew what they wanted.
  • They were a great couple, worked well as a team and were really nice.
  • It was a fast, pretty easy vaginal birth for first time mom. (I got to the hospital at 3:45 AM and I was back home by 10 AM)
  • Mom did awesome (even without Hypnobabies).
  • Dad was great.
  • They had a beautiful healthy baby.


I will say it was different than the other births I have attended.

  • Mom was yelling “It HURTS” quite a few times.  I honestly don’t get that with my other births.  Not all my moms are completely comfortable, but they aren’t yelling it.
  • It was also weird not to be able to use my normal calming, comforting tools.  (Which my Hypnobabies moms have been practicing for months, so they work great!)
  • But I was still able to help in lots of other ways, in fact it was a great learning experience, because instead of doing what I usually/automatically do, I watched the Mom and followed her lead.
  • I realized I should do that more with my other clients.  Take a step back and watch more before jumping in with a CD or cue.


So overall, it was wonderful and it was such an honor to be there.

However I don’t think I will change my “rule” of only taking Hypnobabies students as clients.  It is easier for me AND mom if they take Hypnobabies.

I also have limited time and like to save my doula spots for my students.




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Birth is Normal and THIS mom deserves a medal

March 8, 2011 in Birth, Birth Stories

I read about a Texas Basketball Coach who led her team to a regional semi-final victory on a Friday night.

She then went to the hospital and had her baby an hour later.

The next day she went back to coach her team to another win moving up to the next level.

Good for her!

I think that is awesome and it makes me so sad to see the negative comments about this story and about this Mom.

What I love about her story.

  • The mom comments she wasn’t able to get an epidural and because of that she recovered more quickly and was able to go on Saturday.
  • YES, when you have an un-medicated normal birth, you can feel normal the NEXT DAY!
  • She is being an example to all her players that birth is a normal event! When they have babies they will remember that.
  • It reminds me of the character O-lan in The Good Earth, who when she had her first baby, she squatted in the field, had the baby, strapped him on her back and kept working.  Normal Birth allows a Mom to get on with her work!

The negative comments tended to be,

  • It wasn’t safe for her to be up a day after having a baby.
  • She was neglectful of her baby.

If you have a normal birth and recovery, you don’t have to be bedridden.

I don’t think she was neglecting her baby.  She was gone for under a few hours.  The baby was in good hands. I know that I took a 2 hour nap the day after my baby was born and DH took fine care of him.  Is taking a nap neglectful?  NO.

Personally, I am all about resting after my babies are born.  It is like a 6 week, “Get of of Jail FREE” card. So I wouldn’t choose to go anywhere (except to my bed to nap) the day after birthing.

But good for this mom for doing what was best for her and her family.  Who are we to judge?

I guess I am judging – in a NICE way.  I think she deserves a medal!

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Sense to Save Mom Blogs about her Hypnobabies Experience

February 8, 2011 in Birth, Birth Stories, Hypnobabies

I have enjoyed following along with Kacie from Sense to Save as she prepared for her birth using Hypnobabies.

It was so exciting when she finally posted her birth story.

On that link you can see on the left side bar all the different posts she has done as she prepared for Hypnobabies and ending with her thoughts on How I used Hypnobabies to have a Better Birth.

So really, my birth went almost exactly as I had pictured. There were a few sub-plots that I didn’t want (transferring to the hospital and preeclampsia come to mind!) but I still had mentally prepared for those possibilities and I just went with it.

I loved this about her birth story.  There were some things that came up that would have rattled many moms, but with her Hypnobabies and staying focused she was able to stay calm and have a great birth!

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Beautiful Breech Birth Story AND Photos

July 10, 2010 in Birth, Birth Stories, Hypnobabies

Katrina, a mom from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group sent in her amazing  birth story.  She was pregnant with a breech baby, who just didn’t want to turn.  Luckily she found a midwife who was trained to catch vaginal breech babies.

She ended up having a nice, fast birth.

It was definitely a fast ride. But I remained very calm and peaceful during the whole thing. Thank you, Hypnobabies!

She was hoping to film it, but things went so quickly, she didn’t have a chance.

Her DH did grab the camera and took some amazing pictures.  You can see one with the baby half out and then see how beautiful Katrina looks moments after birth by visiting her blog and reading her birth story, complete with amazing pictures!

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Please don't have your baby in my van!

July 2, 2010 in Birth, Birth Stories, Births Attended, Doula, Hypnobabies, Life-As

This is the story of my fastest birth I’ve attended as a doula.  (Not the fastest from me arriving to baby being born, but the fastest birthing time for mom from first pressure wave to birth of baby)

Midnight:  J. wakes up to use the bathroom.  She notices she is having pressure waves.  They get more intense and she alerts D. around 12:30.

12:45 D. calls me.  He said she was having pressure waves every 3 minutes lasting 45 seconds.

I asked “Do you want me to meet you at the hospital or have me come to your house.”  As they had also just let the babysitter know and it would take awhile for her to get there, he replied, “Come to our house.”

(J’s first birth was over 30 hours, so he felt they had plenty of time.)

1:20 I got to their house.  J was in bed, her water broke as I got there and she was having intense pressure waves.

We helped her get to the bathroom around 1:45 and she stayed there for awhile.

2:00 she was still on the toilet and she felt pushy during a pressure wave.   I let D know it was time to head out!  It took us about 10 minutes to get J downstairs.

2:10 We were still waiting for the babysitter, so I told D he and J could head out and I would meet them there after the babysitter came.

He headed out to put the last bag in the car and ran back in and said,

“The car has been stolen!”

He had pulled his car up to their condo earlier and loaded it while I was helping J on the toilet.  Now it was GONE!

I focused on J as D called 911.  She was very calm and just working through her pressure waves.  The intense pushy feeling had faded.  So I wasn’t too concerned.

2:20 In the midst of this, the babysitter arrived.  D discovered the car had been towed, not stolen.  He went to get my van and pull it up.

2:25 We helped get J into my van.  On the walk out the intense pushiness returned.   She lives only 5 minutes from the hospital, they didn’t want an ambulance, so I figured lets go for it.

I ask D if he has called the OB, he hasn’t yet and can’t find his number.  I say, call the hospital.  Tell them we have a pushy mom.

2:30 We pull up to the ER.  We grab a wheel chair and run in.

I am ready to run her straight up stairs (via the elevator of course), but they said we HAD to go to the ER to make sure the baby wasn’t going to fall out in the elevator.

I said, “We have time to run upstairs.”

Staff asks the mom, “Are you pushing?”


So they wheeled her into the ER and got her onto this skinny gurney.  They wanted to put an IV in.

I said, “If you have time to put an IV in, we have time to get her upstairs.”   “Good point.” the nurse says as she puts in the saline lock.

There were bright lights and about 10 people.  A random doctor checked J and said, “The baby is right there.”

She didn’t have a pressure wave for awhile.  I said, “I think she wants to be in a different environment.”

The doctor says, “It does look like things are slowing down.  Let’s wait for the OB to get down here and he can decide.”

The OB shows up and ALSO checks J.  He says, “The baby is right there, but if she wants to go upstairs, we can.”

J nods “YES!”

So we go upstairs.   D asks me as we are rushing through the hall if she has time to get an epidural.

I said, “She is doing great and no there is no time!”

2:37 We got upstairs and J onto the bed.

The nurse starts setting up the stirrups and I say she doesn’t want them. (something we talked about in prenatal appointments)

J pushes side lying gets baby almost out, but she doesn’t open wide enough to let the baby crown.  (Part of this is, no one is helping her hold her leg up, I try to move to the other side so I can hold her leg up and I can’t get through.)

The nurse tries to force her into stirrups.  I keep suggesting hands and knees, because J is saying she has a leg cramp and can’t open her legs.  It is nearly impossible for her to open her leg like that.  But they insist on the stupid stirrups and after a few minutes they get her in them.

She then pushes the baby to crowning.

2:50 The next push the baby is born.

Baby is put onto J and they get to know each other.   There is no camera as it is in the towed car.  I pull my iPhone out and take a few pictures.

The excitement level drops down and baby is doing well, J is bleeding a bit and the OB orders a shot of pitocin.

The nurse goes to do give the shot without any explanation, I say, “Can you explain to J what you are going to do?”  The nurse looks surprised and then takes 10 seconds to explain it.  J says, “Ok, that is fine and please don’t do anything without telling me first!”

(This was one thing we had talked about a lot during prenatals.  She felt at her first birth so many things were done TO her without any explanation, so I knew that it was important for her to know what they were doing.)

So this birth was less than 1/10th of her first birth.  Under 3 hours. The staff seemed a little bugged we came in so late.  Once they heard the story of the car being towed and that her pressure waves had started only at midnight, then they were more amazed then upset.

I also think had they let us go straight up to L&D and let her push on her hands and knees the baby probably would have been born about 10 minutes sooner.    Or if she had a homebirth maybe even 20 minutes sooner.

It was pretty intense and not quite what J had been expecting, but it was a positive experience overall.  I am just glad she didn’t have the baby in MY van.

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Choir Christmas Miracle

December 22, 2009 in Birth, Birth Stories, Births Attended, Doula, Hypnobabies, Life-As

For me singing in choir spiritually feeds me.  It is something that I need to do and luckily I enjoy it too.  I am especially loving it, because now Thing 2 has joined me at choir!

Or ward choir was planning on singing 3 numbers on the 20th.  I am an alto and you know how you need all the altos you can get!  I felt especially needed that day because we had

  • 1 women’s number with 3 parts only 4 of us were singing alto
  • We were singing the Hallalujah Chorus

I have fond memories of the Hallelujah Chorus.  We sang it every year in High School.  Also on my mission I had read this inspirational story about the music of The Messiah

It is about a woman who learned to play the Messiah in 5 days, because an organist had to leave town for a sick mother.

It really stuck with me and one day I mentioned it to my new companion, who loved music as much as I did.  She stopped, looked at me and said, “That was my mom.  I was the preschooler who played in the pews while she practiced.”

I loved that, it was a REAL story.

Saturday afternoon one of my doula clients called. She was a first time mom in her early birthing time.  We talked a few times that evening.  I got my ducks in a row and went to bed, knowing she would most likely call me at some point in the night.

This meant I would probably miss singing in the choir.All I could do was pray about it and try to let that go.  If I was meant to be there, then I would be.  If not, it would be ok!  I tried to give it up to God!

I woke up about every hour, wondering why they hadn’t called yet.  I am too excited when I know I am about to go to a birth to sleep really well.  :)

Finally at 5:30 they called. They were on the way to the hospital, her water had broken.   I got up, took a 3 minute shower to wake up, put on my doula outfit and head out!  I arrived at the hospital at 6.  Mom was in a room and already pushing.  She did AWESOME!  Baby was born at 6:24 and mom and baby were both great.

I usually stay for 1-2 hours after birth.  By 8:30 baby had nursed, mom and dad were doing wonderfully, I had moved their car from the Emergency Room Parking lot.  They seemed settled and ready to be on their own.  I asked if they were ok with me leaving.  They were!

I called home.  Told DH to have Thing 2 ready.  I drove home quickly, changed and got us both to church about 2 minutes after 9.   Thing 2 was a bit disgruntled we were a few minutes late.  I explained, “I was at a birth!”  He was totally surprised about that and then was fine with us being a bit late.  Luckily we didn’t have to be on the stand until a bit later in the program, so the timing worked perfectly!

I felt the spirit so very strongly while we sang. I kept tearing up and it was hard to sing.  I felt so honored to be a part of a beautiful birth that morning.  I kept seeing that baby being born in my mind, and remembering how peaceful and beautiful of a birth it was and couldn’t help thinking of the precious baby Jesus born over 2000 years ago and the angels singing to announce His birth.

The music of Christmas is so powerful and I felt like it was my own little Christmas Miracle that I was able to be there to sing with the choir!

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My First Birth (as a doula)

August 27, 2009 in Birth Stories, Births Attended, Doula, Hypnobabies, Life-As

Rebirth Blog is having a birth carnival and the next entry is First Births.  I realized I never posted my first birth as a doula.  So here it is! 

Callie took my first Hypnobabies class I taught and her birth was great.  Many of the births I attend as a Hypno-doula are this fast and easy.   Which is nice for mom and me!


Callie called around 10:45 and asked what I was doing this morning.  She is so cute.  I told her I would get childcare arranged and asked her to call me when she knew if she was staying or not.  I quick hopped in the shower… note to self, shower first thing every day when you have an expecting mom.  I got stuff arranged for the boys and nursed Bryson.  Frankly nursing Bryson has been my biggest concern regarding going to births… I think after Jenn’s birth I will not do another one until he is weaned…


Sam called around 11:30 and said it was a go, she was at 4 cm.  I got to the hospital around 11:50 (quick detour to McDonalds  because I didn’t know when I could eat next).  Callie was resting calmly on the bed, with her parents, Sam and their son Nick (2 ½) hanging out.  Whenever she had a pressure wave, everyone got quiet and let her relax through it.  The relaxation music was on in the background.  She was very chatty between pressure waves.  They seemed to be coming every 5 minutes or so.  She wanted to have the baby between 3-5 because that is when her Dr was available.   I wondered at first if she was being too optimistic with the times, but said nothing, just smiled and said, the baby will come when it is the right time. 


Around 12:45 Callie seemed to be a little more intense during her pressure waves, I was doing the relax cue, which helped.  We talked about going to the potty soon and the Grandparents were going to take Nick over to the mall to walk around.  Just then the other set of Grandparents arrived, at first it seemed like they wanted to stay, but I could tell Callie was ready to be alone, so we convinced them to go to the mall to. 

Finally at 1 the grandparents and Nick headed off and I got Callie on the potty.  She had a nice pressure wave there and said, “Wow, it really opens up on here.”  She then wanted to sit on the birth ball, so we got her situated and comfortable.  The nurse came into get the monitors on.  She was very sweet and got the telemetric unit so she could walk around, by then, I knew we were not going to be needing to walk around at all. 

10 minutes into the monitoring Callie started crying during a pressure wave, she didn’t even realize she was crying until after the wave.  She said she was crying because it was so beautiful and she had been so scared during Nick’s birth and was so calm and happy now.  I thought… AHH, transformation is starting. 


20 minutes of monitoring, with a lot the nurse holding the heart one on the right spot, VERY low on the tummy.  We had put the Easy First Stage Guide on for the room to hear and Callie was doing great, and was starting to AHHH during the pressure waves.  She was able to relax and was staying relaxed and focused between pressure waves.    She asked to get checked after the monitoring was done. 


1:20  She laid on the bed and had a BAD pressure wave, she couldn’t relax in that position (flat on her back), but was checked and was a stretchy 8, so we got her back on the ball and she was fine with the pressure waves there.


1:30, feeling pushy and making pushy sounds…. She gets back on the bed and gets checked, just a little lip left.  We say open, open, open through a pressure wave.  They get the bed set up.  Check again…. Ready to push.   I tell Sam to change the CD to pushing the baby out tract. 

She pushes her own way… no coaching and is doing great.   She gets a little scared and starts having discomfort.  She begs me, help me get back on top of it.  I try counting her down and talk about the anesthesia in front of the babies head.  Tell her to push how it feels right.  Then she screams and pushes, not comfortable for her any more… but is able to relax between pushes and the next push the baby crowns.

I told her the baby was almost out and she could do it.  Sam is at her head to, holding her hands as she screams and pushes.  She screams…”Come OUUUUUUUUT baby, come OUUUUUT”   It is awesome, the OB tells her how great she is doing, we are all quietly cheering her on.   


Then the baby comes out…. It is a girl (Callie knew what it was, but kept it a secret from everyone else)  It is 1:40.  7 pounds 1 oz.    Callie is thrilled and gets to hold her right away and baby is great.  Sam is crying a few tears of joy and I am in awe that I get to share this special moment with them.  How incredible for me.  :)


Then Sam, holding his baby girl called the grandparents, who had left 1 hour ago…. “You might want to come back over now…. and on cue the baby starts to cry….. and meet your new grandbaby.  They get back over after Callie is changed and nursing the baby.  Perfect timing and Nick is in awe of the baby.  It is SOOOOO sweet.  It makes me want another baby. 


I left around 2:15, because with 4 grandparents, Nick, Sam, Callie and the baby the room was a bit full.   

The baby was born about 2 hours after I get to the hospital.  This was the perfect first birth for me to attend, especially with a nursing baby of my own.

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