First time Mom – Review of The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth

Hmm, after typing the title so many times, I am beginning to wish I had called it something shorter.  🙂 Tracine, a first time mom sent me this comment: Thanks for sharing this concise, easy to read and… Read More

Audrey’s Review of The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth

Audrey – mom of 3 If you want your baby to have the best birth day ever, this is a must-read. In Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth, Sheridan outlines simple ways that any expectant mom can… Read More

Alison's review of The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth

I have to explain how I know Alison. I read Alison’s HypnoBirthing birth story online somewhere and saw she is an author. She actually lived in my town and was happy to come to book clubs to talk…. Read More

A Doula's Review of The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth

Cindy – Mom of 5, doula for 6 years Sheridan, this e-book is a perfect tool to help expecting parents! It is precise and to the point, avoiding information overload, while giving mom’s information that should be researched… Read More

My favorite review (so far) for The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth

I probably shouldn’t have favorites.  But I will say when I read this review, it made me cry.  This was exactly why I wrote the book, to support ALL moms!  Not just ones wanting a homebirth or even… Read More

Free Book – Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth

I am proud to announce my first book! The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth. I will be posting some of the reviews I have gotten over the next few weeks. If you read it and want… Read More

Taggies Make Great Gifts – Free Shipping Code

My first son was obsessed with tags.  He would suck on them all the time.  Even his shirt tags, while he was wearing them.  It looked hilarious. They didn’t have Taggies back then, but he would have loved… Read More

Free Memory Book

I love to scrapbook.  I especially love making scrapbooks on the computer and they get printed and sent to me.  I LOVE it EVEN MORE when it is FREE!!!!  Head over to the Hypnobabies Blog for a coupon code… Read More

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