I love Goals.

January 9, 2010 in Birth, Doula, Life-As

I have always enjoyed setting goals.

In college I had a friend who said, “It is the weirdest thing.  You write something down, hang it on the wall and then it happens!”

That is the beauty of goals.

My birth goals for 2009 were:

  • Do a give away on Hypnobabies Blog (I did a few)
  • 200th post by June 1st (did this)
  • Teach at least 20 couples (I taught 23!)
  • Attend 3 births.  (I attended 8.   3 seemed like plenty at the beginning of the year.   Juggling a family with 3 boys and doulaing can be quite a trick, so I didn’t want to do a lot of births.  But it worked out that I went to 8 and for the most part it didn’t disrupt the family too much.)

I am working on my birth goals for 2010.   How awesome is it that I love that I have a job where I can have “birth” goals?

I am doing this free program Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life.  I imagine it will help me in creating my birth goals for this year and the next 10 years too!  Check it out, it has been pretty powerful for me so far.  Right now it is the beginning and we are reflecting on what we HAVE done.

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Don't Just Complain, Help Make A Change!

February 14, 2008 in Birth, Childbirth Education

What can we do to help change the system?

Is it enough to just complain about how the system and how our friends, relatives, acquaintances are being led to cesareans? 

Is it enough to help one woman at a time?  It is important and valuable.  But what if we each did one thing this year to help change the system?

Here are some ideas…

Do you have some time to make some phone calls?  Help out with the VBAC ban project, calling hospitals and finding out their policies on VBACs to help compile a national database.

Don’t have time, but have some extra money?  Donating even $25 to ICAN can help make a difference.  Or pick a different organization supporting normal birth.  The Big Push for Midwives, or Trust Birth or any organization that resonates with you.

Enjoy talking with other moms in group settings?  Be a Trust Birth Facilitator.

I LOVE teaching Childbirth Education Classes, if you really have a passion of sharing information with pregnant moms, become a Childbirth Educator!

Are you great on the computer?  Blog about things!  Go on the boards and offer support.

Here are my goals for the year!  What are yours?  Post them here!

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Library Display is UP!

January 6, 2008 in Childbirth Education, Doula

Library DisplayBaby Egg Book

I will admit it isn’t very pretty, but hopefully it will attract attention and people will take the free bookmarks with list of books and websites!

I had the information on doula poster from a Babies R Us fair we did last year.  I put out some books on the bottom shelf. 

Taped to the wall on the left are some pages from the Baby Egg Countdown Calendar… you can read a review of it here.   When I was there for a few minutes after setting up, these were attracting the most attention!  It is a pretty amazing “book” 

I think my next step for goal 4 is to talk to the library to set up a free pregnancy and birth informational night, maybe for sometime in March. 

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