10 Little Things to a Happier, Healthier You – Pregnancy/Birth Style

I am apparently all excited about these fun blog challenges from Twitter Mom.  I actually won a $50 Target Gift card with my post about organization the other week.  So here comes another post. But this I will… Read More

Being a Doula with the Flu at my house.

The 2 main challenges of being a doula are 1.  Being on Call – which is not so stressful. 2.  Being on Call when there is something challenging happening – which is stressful. Like when Thing 2 broke… Read More

Guest Post by Nisha: Lies They Tell You about MSG

This weekend I went on one of the health and fitness industry’s most well respected and authoritative courses on advanced Kinetic Chain Assesment, (taught by my ex-boss, friend and mentor, Dax moy). That probably means nothing to you… Read More

How my birth improved my overall health.

I will say that I have been on a journey over the past few years.   Because of Bryson’s birth,  I became a doula and Chidlbirth Educator.  That has changed my health for the better.   I have opened my… Read More

Guest Post by Nisha about Soya!

I met Nisha online and was a guest on her radio show.  She has a great fitness program for expecting moms and is going to be doing some guest posts on my blog! I apologise if this turns… Read More

Green Smoothies the first week.

I borrowed my friend Jenn’s Blender and made my first Green Smoothie on Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised.  I really was worried it would be disgusting.  But it was actually tasty.  Thing 2 and Thing 3 tasted it,… Read More

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