Funny Hypnobirth Song

I found this video and loved it!  So for all you hypnosis and childbirth educators and moms, this one is for you! [youtube=] Pin It

Would you get your teeth drilled without drugs?

Then why would you give birth without drugs? This is a common question asked to moms preparing for Natural Childbirth. Here is a great explination on you tube!  A shift in perspective.  (If you prefer to read, rather… Read More

Inspiring Story in the Paper

Have you heard that Miami’s cesarean rate is over 40%?  That is SO crazy.  There was an article in a paper of a mom who decided natural birth would be a way to help her avoid a cesarean. … Read More

Hypnobabies CD available Free!

The Introduction to Hypnobabies CD is free, you can order it from Hypnobabies or Download it.  Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education program with powerful hypnosis tools so moms can have a more comfortable, enjoyable birth! To find… Read More

Jessica Alba's Zen Birth

I read on Crunchy Domestic Goddess about Jessica Alba’s wonderful birth.  She used hypnosis for childbirth, which is such a wonderful tool for moms!  I wish more moms would look into it.  If every pregnant mom took time each… Read More

Great VBAC story!

Great VBAC HypnoBirthing Story  A hospital had it’s first waterbirth and it happened to be a VBAC mom!  Pin It

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