Pretty Positive Induction Experience

This is the birth story of the Birth I was Meant to be at. As a doula I am always a bit wary of inductions.  You just never know how they will go, fast and easy or long… Read More

Low Fluid – What does this mean?

I have seen more and more moms who are going in for inductions for low fluid. Once there was even a mom who was told after a fluid check she needed to go to get induced for low… Read More

Inductions: Ideas of Things to Do and Ask

As usual this is not meant as medical advice. This is just information with a lot of links so you can do more research! Ask LOTS of questions, and then make the best decision for yourself! Watch my… Read More

Why Not Choose the Birthday of Your Baby?

It can be risky to have an Early Elective Induction, especially before 39 weeks.  Often because “due dates” are inaccurate, this practice can lead to problems with the babies after they are born.  Not to mention the risks… Read More

Getting Induced: Is it Good or Bad?

I am excited to participate in another Birth Blog Carnival. This one from Giving Birth with Confidence, where we get to report how we incorporate the Healthy Birth Practices into our birthing support for moms.  My favorite one… Read More

Mom handed the "Big Baby" Card

I’m militantly anti-induction after having been induced 2 times before. So today perinatologist says: the baby is almost 10 pounds The placenta and amniotic fluid are fine but you need to have this baby by 40 weeks or… Read More

What are OBs saying about Inductions?

photo credit: Lars PlougmannI found this SCARY yet very telling page on an OB’s website about her Induction Policies. Here are some highlights and my thoughts. Induction of Labor Many patients will opt to have an induction of… Read More

Wondering Wednesday: Does Pitocin Make Pressure Waves Stronger?

This is part of my Wondering About Series. Feel free to e-mail any questions you are wondering about to sheridan AT enjoybirth DOT com. My question is in regards to Pitocin. I want the truth, preferably from a… Read More

Warning: This is my longest birth ever! Part 3 (I warned you!)

6AM Saturday Morning I wake up and immediately check my phone – no text.   Ok, maybe no news is good news?  I text Alison for an update. 7:45 AM Saturday We are driving to the airport and I… Read More

Warning: This is my longest birth ever. Part 2

5:30 AM Friday We “woke up” and everyone took showers.  We ate breakfast (snuck some to Lisa so she would have the energy she needed.)  We met OB #2 and got a new nurse.  Lisa and Ryan were… Read More

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