Trusting Birth

May 10, 2009 in Birth

Trusting the birth process is often hard for women to do.  They have been indoctrinated with negative stories about birth since they were born; from their own birth story their mothers shared with them, to the stranger in the grocery store when they are pregnant and the TV shows they watch.

How are they supposed to let go of these fears?  How can moms start to trust that birth is a positive thing? How can they trust that their body knows how to birth? How can they believe that birth is something to look forward to instead of fear?  I think the first place we have to start is their thoughts.  Because birth is as much a mental experience as it is a physical experience and what we believe will have an effect on what we experience.

How can a mom change her thoughts?  I have 3 suggestions.




Affirmations can help them to start believing in the power of their bodies.  Listening to daily affirmations about pregnancy and birth is an easy step in starting to change their beliefs.  Hearing that your body is strong, birth is normal can empower a mother to take the next step, educate herself on her choices.  Some moms go a step further in reprogramming their beliefs by using hypnosis.

Educating ones self about birth and the many options they will be presented with before, during and after birth will empower a mother when it comes time to make her choices.  Taking an Independent Childbirth class will give them the information they need.  As they learn how birth is meant to work, that their bodies are designed to open easily, they will start to trust in the process.

Support is the glue that holds it all together.  Today moms can find support in the traditional places, like their family and their care providers, and they can also find it on the internet.  I had a mom on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group I moderate who was getting pressured by her OB to induce because of a suspected “big baby.”  She expressed her concerns on the group and we encouraged her with information and said that her body would grow the perfect size baby for her.  She chose to going in and talk to her OB about her concerns and had a really good discussion and got his support to trust her body!

I knew I wanted a natural birth and I knew that’s supposed to be good for baby but then they throw all these medical terms and issues at me. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what was true or what was likely to happen and what wasn’t. I had a gut instinct and that was it. He has a medical degree and aren’t doctor’s supposed to do what’s best for you? I was so confused. I don’t know what I’d do without Hypnobabies and the group. Even a lot of natural birth enthusiasts want to talk about worse case scenarios. There’s not a lot of places to turn. Thank God for the internet!”

This is a cumulative effect.  As women have positive births by trusting their bodies, they share their stories and encourage other women to trust their bodies too.  I look forward to a day when women everywhere have positive birth affirmations coming from strangers in the grocery store and TV shows.  When all women are choosing to educate themselves about normal birth and when women are supporting each other in their births.

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International Birth Week

May 9, 2009 in Birth, Hypnobabies

In celebration of International Birth Wisdom Week, I decided to share my experiences with supporting women all over the world!

I have the best job in the world!  I get to help women from all over the world prepare for a comfortable, empowering and enjoyable births using Hypnobabies.  How is it possible to help women all over the world?  The internet (and sometimes the phone) of course!

I am one of the Hypnobabies Home Study liaisons.  When a mom purchases the Hypnobabies Home Study they have access to a Hypnobabies Instructor to answer any questions.  They can do this by e-mail or by calling me.  I have gotten calls from Australia and the UK at interesting hours of the day and of course a lot from the US.  I am always happy to talk to moms and help them in any way I can.  I once had a mom call me during her active birthing time with questions.  That was fun.  I felt like I was a phone doula!

I also help hundreds of moms from all over the world every year by moderating the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.  The Yahoo Group is a great place for them to ask questions and get advice from other moms preparing for birth using hypnosis.  There are over 3000 members and we get on average 60-80 messages a day from moms all over the world: China, India, Estonia, France, England, Canada, Mexico and the USA to name just a few.

The moms on this group are wonderfully supportive of each other and encourage one another to trust their body and their baby and make the best choices regarding birth for THEM.  Certainly each family and experience is different.  Each culture has their different issues and traditions as well.  They e-mail questions on many different topics from hypnosis to care providers and baby friendly practices, or lack thereof.  They get support from the other moms to ask questions, demand answers and make changes if they aren’t happy with the answers; basically to empower themselves!

It is wonderful to see how these women who believe in the beauty of natural birth; that it is something to be embraced instead of feared, can encourage others to feel the same way.  Not all of the women come to the group with that mindset, but over time reading the other messages and asking their questions, reading the birth stories, they slowly change and start to trust in their bodies and birth too.

One of my favorite things about moderating the group is reading birth stories from all over the world. The continuity between these stories is they have all used hypnosis to prepare for birth, which helps them reach into themselves to find their inner power to birth.  The differences are that each birth is different and unique, that each mom used her Hypnobabies tools in whatever way was best for her!

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