Thank You L&D Nurses!

photo credit: jdlasica I attended 3 great births in the last few weeks. A lot of what made those births so wonderful were the nurses we were assigned to. For sure with my VBA2C mom, her nurse was… Read More

Does getting pitocin after birth matter?

This is something we talk about in my Hypnobabies Classes.  Many careproviders give ALL their moms pitocin after birth, with the purpose of speeding up the third stage of birth.  (Delivery of the placenta)  There are certainly times… Read More

Share your experience of the power of words during your birth!

Hi Everyone, First of all, just a reminder that Kerry and Carole are speaking at the “Uniting for the Future of Birth” Mega Conference in Milwaukee in early October! Our session is called, The Transformative Language of… Read More

Thing 2 turned Ten – why wasn’t his birth memorable?

It was a major milestone for me when Thing 1 turned ten.  I found myself very reflective about his birth and how it effected me and him. Thing 2 turned ten yesterday and it was just a fun… Read More

Exam’s During Pregnancy and Birth

I’m not talking multiple choice exams, I am talking vaginal exams. Vaginal exams during late pregnancy are optional. Yes, you heard me correctly, optional.   Starting at around 36-37 weeks at every visit you will be given a gown… Read More

How can nurses help keep dads involved?

I got this comment on my do doulas benefit dads post. I am one of those nurses that just jumps in and I feel sometimes leaves dad out:(  I don’t think about it until after.  I would love… Read More

Pitocin – Why Won't they do it Slowly?

One thing that I suggest to my doula clients facing induction is to ask their care providers if they can turn up the pitocin SLOWLY.  Even turn it down once pressure waves have started. I know that this… Read More

L&D Nurses, I need your input.

I have posted a list of typical questions asked upon admittance for birth on the Hypnobabies Blog.  I was hoping you could check them out and see if we missed any. Thanks! Pin It

Lovely Breastfeeding Analogy

In honor of my Lactation Education training weekend, here is a lovely breastfeeding story. The Princess and the Chick Pea Here is the deal, some nurses are AWESOME, they know tons about breastfeeding, have great tips and can… Read More

Birth Ball = ???

I had a nurse tell one of my Hypnobabies students this, during a hospital tour. You can bring a birth ball, but you may not want to sit on one during your birth it can cause your cervice… Read More

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