Angela’s fun homebirth!

Click here to read Angela’s Birth Story and see some great pictures. Angela’s Birth – Sheridan’s Version I had the pleasure of meeting Angela at a park day. She was pregnant and new to the area, so I… Read More

Powerful, joyful birth video

I love this birth video on Pacing the Panic Room.   Read what is written before and watch for Dads tears around 3 minutes, baby is born soon after.  The power that mothers have is amazing.  🙂 I love… Read More

Did the Singing Mom in labor, use Hypnobabies?

How many moms have seen and been inspired by this birth video? Over 1,400,000 people have watched it! Some wonder if she was using Hypnobabies. YES, she was.  Here is what her doula said. HTML clipboard Doula Micky’s… Read More

VBAC Victory at Vandy!

I went to Vanderbilt for my undergraduate degree.  I loved it there. I was interested to see that the Fall 2009 Vanderbilt Magazine had an article on the Midwives there! Rebirth of the Midwife:  Attracted by hands-on care… Read More

50 Best Blogs for Midwives

I was thrilled to see that my blog made the list. Thanks.  🙂 Pin It

Wish you could have gone to the Trust Birth Conference?

Miss the 2010 Trust Birth Conference?  Attend a session that you’d love to hear again?  Now is the time to preorder the 2010 recordings at a discounted price!  You will be notified when the sessions are available for… Read More

What is Vita Mutari?

I found a lovely new blog by a midwife. The first post I read by her was titled Vita Mutari which means life transformation and it is what she wants to call pressure waves now.  Because who can… Read More

Wow, Comfortable Birth is hard to believe.

The comments people are leaving on the People Magazine Post Gisele Bündchen Says Giving Birth Wasn’t Painful demonstrate how hard it is for people to wrap their minds around the idea that un-medicated birth can be comfortable. Well,… Read More

Super Model using Hypnobabies?

I love it when celebrities have normal births.  🙂 This article talks about Gisele birthing at home in a tub. It looks like she may have used hypnosis for birth too!  How cool is that?  Maybe she used… Read More

Angela – Cadence is born!

(This is the fourth in a series of e-mails Angela, posted on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group in December.  I will be posting them here approximately on the dates she sent them in December so you can see the… Read More

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