Midwives do NOT equal a peaceful, supportive birth

“I hired a Midwife – so I know she will be supportive, wonderful, help me have an ideal birth.” Take your head out of the sand!  It isn’t that easy.  Just because you hired a Midwife does not… Read More

Sunday Surf – Great Links for Birth Workers and about Birth

On Sundays, I like to bring to you the best articles out there regarding, pregnancy birth and babies! Enjoy your Sunday Surfin’ BIRTH WORKERS Great Summer Series for balancing family and work! Step 1:  What is your Family… Read More

Favorite Links for Birth Workers and About Birthing – Sunday Surf

BIRTH WORKERS OB’s response to Unnecesarean Blog What do you think of when you hear Midwife? Free Doulaing, when is it OK?  I have done quite a few births for free, but am choosy about it as well…. Read More

Shelly’s 1st Birth – One of my longest births

I always feel like this was one of my longest births, but it was partly because I was at Angela’s birth the whole night before, got a total of  5 hours sleep and then headed off to Shelly’s… Read More

Midwives: Marvelous or Medieval?

It is fascinating to me when I am talking to moms about birth and the topic of Midwives comes up.   The moms tend to fall into one of 3 categories: I love them Like the idea – but… Read More

Business of Being Born – Movie Review

Originally posted in 2007 I was so excited to go to Belly Sprout, in Fullerton to see the Business of Being Born.  I had heard good reviews of it and I love birth, so it seemed obvious I… Read More

Three Types of Care Provider Relationships

What are the three types of relationships you can have with your care provider and why does it matter? I was a Guest Poster on The Gift of Giving Life and I answer this question. Please go over… Read More

Great links from Last week

I am trying something new, sharing some of my favorite posts I read from the past week. Hypno-anesthsiology by Dr. Seuss – Great explanation of how hypnosis can help with pain. Pelvimetry – A midwife discusses why she… Read More

Beautiful Breech Birth Story AND Photos

Katrina, a mom from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group sent in her amazing  birth story.  She was pregnant with a breech baby, who just didn’t want to turn.  Luckily she found a midwife who was trained to catch vaginal… Read More

Freedom of Choice in Missouri

Missouri Freedom This is great news for the freedom of women to choose where they can birth! Pin It

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