Three Types of Care Provider Relationships

What are the three types of relationships you can have with your care provider and why does it matter? I was a Guest Poster on The Gift of Giving Life and I answer this question. Please go over… Read More

Asking the OB the questions – How did it go?

I have a doula client who when I met her was looking to change care providers.  So I offered her this list of questions to ask.  (I normally don’t concern myself too much with care providers, because most… Read More

What a lot of doctors feel about going unmedicated

This is an important reason why you should talk to your care provider about how they feel about un-medicated births. I love to read Rebirth’s Blog.  She works on the L&D floor.  In this post she says what… Read More

Choose your OB wisely

You hear “stories” of OB’s who really think everyone should have a Cesarean.  Really ask your OB what they think about birth.  Their attitudes can have a major impact on the interventions you get. It is fascinating to… Read More

Birth Survey

Taking this survey is a great way to let other moms know how supportive your care provider and hospital were.  This will then help them to have better births.  I took it and it took about 20 minutes,… Read More

Choosing a care provider and birth location wisely

I have been lucky to have 2 positive hospital births, as a doula I have seen some good hospital births where mom was supported and treated with respect and some where mom wasn’t.  Part of the problem with… Read More

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