Preemie – First day home!

1/15/98 Very special day.  T1’ss first full day at home and Rob’s 30th birthday!  Last night I was exhausted by 11 PM  I went to bed and mom fed him a bottle of breast milk at midnight.  He… Read More

Preemie NICU experience – T1 comes home!

1/14/1998 I really miss my baby!   My mom made me laugh yesterday and my incision is bleeding a little bit now.  Nurse was not ready for us so he didn’t start to eat until 9:30.  So Mom and… Read More

Preemie Experience – prefers the right side

1/13/98 Fed T1 at 9am.  He prefers the right side.  My left nipple is a little funny.  When he comes home and we go to the breastfeeding clinic we will have them check it out.  (Looking back now,… Read More

Preemie NICU experience – great nurse makes big difference

1/12/98 Diane is day nurse and is excellent! Long day!  We went in at 9AM.  He had already eaten, so I just held him.  He was very alert!  We mentioned breastfeeding to the nurse.  So when we came… Read More

Preemie NICU experience – First Breastfeeding at 9 days

1/11/98 Went and did 9 AM feeding.  Nurse was running behind so he was ready to be fed at 9:30.  He was very alert.  He stayed awake through more than half of his feeding.  He LOOKED at me. … Read More

Preemie NICU experiences – Blessing

11/10/98 This morning we have our mother assessment.  We will go to feed T1 first.  He threw up his 3 am feeding, but did OK with his 6am feeding. Not bleeding a lot – normal? Urinate – still… Read More

Preemie NICU Experience – feeding issues

1/9/98 We are on the way to interview the pediatrician. Circumcision Preemie – What do you do different?  More visits? Breastfeeding Emergency – how many doctors on call? Visit in hospital prior to him coming?  Who lets her… Read More

Preemie NICU Experience part 2

1/8/98 On the way to see Dr. W.  (OB)  Questions for her. When can I drive? Why did it happen?  What happened?  Cord Results. When will I feel normal again? Back Pain? Tylenol instead of pain pills?  Tylenol… Read More

My preemie/NICU experience with T1

I recently found the journal I kept after T1 was born. He was born 1/2/98 at 34 weeks via emergency cesarean due to being under distress.  I had woken up one morning and noticed he wasn’t moving and… Read More

Fight for Preemies – The choices you make can help!

I had a preemie. It was life changing.  It was scary.  It was not the ideal start for my sons life. I had been on bedrest for Preterm Labor from 25 weeks.  I figure I bought him 9… Read More

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