Support for VBACs from Australia…

This is an interesting article from the Australian birth community.  It discusses how the cesarean rate is too high and the problems that is causing for women and for the medical world there.  I hope America figures this… Read More

New Cesarean Rates are not surprising, but are disappointing.

Cesarean rates are at an all time high and no one in the medical community or women’s groups seem to care.  But there are women who DO care!  I am one of them.  In the next weeks I… Read More

Great ideas for choosing a care provider…

How can you find the best care provider for your birth?   Well, a lot of this depends on what kind of birth you want to have.  How can you know what kind of birth you want to have? … Read More

Review of a Perfect Pair of Books

     I do NOT recommend What to Expect When you are Expecting… this tells you everything that can go wrong and tells you to expect it.  I used to recommend Your Pregnancy Week by Week, because moms wanted… Read More

Cool Birth Movie "The First Cry" released in France

I learned about this on Rixa’s Blog.   Le Premier Cri looks (site is in French) like a film where they go to different countries and cultures and film different births.  It looks like it is GREAT!  I can’t wait until… Read More

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