Pushing – How Do I Push My Baby Out?

This is one of the most common questions I get. I will say that most un-medicated moms don’t end up needing any guidance with this.  Especially if it is not their first baby.  Their bodies just take over… Read More

Great Links from Last Week

This is a great post on OP babies.  I love how this midwife takes a fairly neutral position on this position.  🙂  She explains how it works and some tips on how to deal with it.  I especially… Read More

Cool Pushing Idea/Analogy

Here is a great pushing idea from Juju Sundin’s Birth Skills: Proven Pain-Management Techniques for Your Labour and Birth In the book, the author talks about imagining a coffee plunger, and that you are pushing down from your… Read More

Pushing Pointers

Pushing seems to be something moms have lots of questions about. I love this post on Science and Sensibility’s Blog – It has posts from many different birth bloggers about pushing. Have your questions answered here! Pin It

Is Mother Directed Pushing Possible in the Hospital?

I love Lamaze’s 5th Healthy Birth Practice: Avoid giving birth on your back and follow your body’s urges to push. Their video is great, but here is an example of what more likely happens in a hospital setting…. Read More

Breathing Your Baby Out

Pushing…   By “breathing baby down”, we mean that moms are breathing, “aaaahhhhhh” to open their throats, because we know that if their throats are open and relaxed so are their bottoms. Through a process called peristalsis, our… Read More

Pushing Bryson Out

I need to write a whole blog post about my pushing. When I was birthing Bryson and my husband was filming it, I never though it would end up on You Tube! My DH didn’t want the whole… Read More

Purple Pushing

This birth story exemplifies how a good birth can change and become stressful during the pushing stage, if care providers insist on purple pushing.  Mother directed pushing is much gentler and frankly most un-medicated moms do not need any direction… Read More

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