Freedom of Choice

It is amazing to me that women are not free to choose how they birth.  Many women are told they MUST have a cesarean, because their care providers or hospitals refuse to allow them to have a vaginal birth. … Read More

Jake's Birth Story: A Hypnobabies VBAC

My Hypnobabies VBAC success story I had been having contractions almost every night while working at the computer, but any time I laid down they would stop. On Friday, Nov 16, it was the same thing, contractions every… Read More

I Cut 2 Cords in 6 Hours OR a Crazy Day in the Life of a Doula

I have had 2 moms who were going to have their babies at any time for the past few weeks.   They also happen to be good friends, so I really wanted to make sure I made it to… Read More

Care providers of birthing mothers…

Why, why, why must you try to scare moms?  Why can’t you just say “It’s hospital policy”, or give them pros and cons rationally, then let the mom decide.  Why lie to them?  Why bully them?  Why treat… Read More

Support for VBACs from Australia…

This is an interesting article from the Australian birth community.  It discusses how the cesarean rate is too high and the problems that is causing for women and for the medical world there.  I hope America figures this… Read More

Devon's Cesarean Birth – 10 years later

Devon turns 10 today. January 2, 1998 The scariest day of my life…. and the happiest day of my life.  A day that changed my life forever.  I became a mother that day, but in reality I became… Read More

A Video for anyone whose been told their pelvis is too small

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New Cesarean Rates are not surprising, but are disappointing.

Cesarean rates are at an all time high and no one in the medical community or women’s groups seem to care.  But there are women who DO care!  I am one of them.  In the next weeks I… Read More

Thanksgiving – What am I grateful for?

I am grateful for: My husband who supports me as I live a life with this passion for birth.  He didn’t mind that I was gone for 57 hours out of 62 consecutive hours 3 days last month,… Read More

Birth by Tina Cassidy

Birth by Tina Cassidy Who is the intended audience of this book?  Care providers of pregnant women… if they actually take time to read it, the may learn something.  Women of childbearing age or younger or anyone in… Read More

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