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How to change yahoo group information!

Try this... go to the Hypnobabies Yahoo group page

You may need to log in.

At the top of the page above the blue bar that says Hypnobabies*Hypnobabies group

You can click on edit membership

Under step 1 you can change your contact information – to have the messages go to a different e-mail

Then under step 2 you can choose how you want to get your e-mails....

Individually – which is getting each e-mail

or daily digest – a bunch of e-mails in 1 e-mail

or web only - you log into yahoo groups to read the messages

Then on the bottom click save changes.

Something that I do to help me manage all of my e-mail is I got a G-mail account.

It is so great, it organizes my e-mails like a bulletin board, connecting e-mails with the same subject together. You can even have e-mails get labels and see all your Hypnobabies e-mails at the same time.

Here is a link for more info http://mail.google.com/mail/help/about.html