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Discomfort that doesn't go away during fingerdrop practice?

(Disclaimer: This is not an official Hypnobabies answer.
This is just from my personal experience as a Hypnobabies Instructor
and working with moms from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.)

Kerry's Answer

Twinges, itches and aches during Hypnobabies scripts, CDs and practice have nothing to do with what you are learning, practicing and being deeply programmed with for childbirth. All of these techniques along with the suggestions are aimed at and specifically used for, *childbirth*. Some moms can easily use their hypnosis for other things after they have practiced a lot, and some moms need more time and more specific direction to do so.

1) To help with non-birthing issues, just keep practicing and Listening to your CDs. Most of the suggestions in Hypnobabies are completely geared for childbirth and the day of birth, so it takes more practice and hypnotic programming to use your hypno-anesthesia for other things in the body. This is also easier for some people than others, and is automatically easier for those who practice moving their anesthesia around their body when doing the finger-drop technique, directing it to specific parts that may bother them and really spending some time deepening the anesthesia.

2) There may be a physiological reason for your pain that hypnosis might not take care of. Baby's position, round ligaments being stretched, muscles strained, and nerves being pinched all tell us things about the body. My suggestion would be to get thee to a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy. In-utero constraint of the baby causes most of the aches and pains women unnecessarily experience in pregnancy as well as fetal malposition and can easily be taken care of by regular chiropractic adjustment, not to mention helping you align your own body for the easiest birthing experience.

My Experience

I had PUPPS (pregnancy rash) when I was pregnant with Bryson. At first when I did my fingerdrop it would make my stomach stop itching… but after a few days as my rash got worse, my fingerdrop technique, peace cue, NOTHING helped. It was frustrating. I finally was seen by a high risk OB who said it was one of the worst cases he had seen (the nurses didn't even know what it was because it was so bad) So I did end up choosing to use some medication. When I was not so inflamed than the fingerdrop would help with mild itching, etc.

The thing is that with our hypnosis practice, fingerdrop it is really mostly focusing on birthing areas, muscles. Also during birth, as we stay relaxed that is what allows our muscles to work easily and comfortably. Some moms with practice are able to use their anesthesia in non-birth related areas. I was never really good with that aspect (moving it to other areas) but still had a comfortable birth experience.

Remember during your birthing time, you will go deeper and deeper with every birthing wave, with every sound you hear, with every breath you take.... so with all of that compounding you will be VERY relaxed as your pressure waves get powerfully strong. SO it is ok if you feel discomfort using the fingerdrop before your birth. It WILL work beautifully during your birthing time.