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SPD - Pelvic Pain

This is not given as medical advice. Rather I have gathered information from different mom's who have suffered with this. I have also gathered links and information from other Childbirth Educators and a Chiropractor too.

Great Links

This is at a Plus Size Website, but the information is for everyone! Pubic Pain

It was a question in a Midwifery magazine one week. Midwifery Today SPD (you have to scroll up just a little to read it all.)

Supplement and Exercise Suggestion by Chiropractor

Taking Ligaplex 1 through the pregnancy will help more than you will ever imagine. At 34 weeks, you can discontinue it, if you plan on delivering vaginally. I usually take moms off of it at 36-37 weeks to allow everything to spread. It keeps the ligaments strong and helps to hold adjustments. I've taken it through my pregnancies and never had a sore pelvis, etc. All of my pregnant moms have taken it, and have sung praises since this was their most comfortable pregnancy.

Have mom lie on her back on the floor with her feet on the floor and her knees up. Keep the feet touching and have dad put his hands between her knees. Mom needs to pull together while dad "wishbones" her legs....GENTLY. (I tell the husbands, when I show them this move, that' they are not going to get on Olympic medal for wishboning their wives....so do it with enough force, but not too much.)

She may get a "pop" or a crunch sound or no sound at all - all of which is perfectly normal. She may even feel it in her sacroiliac (SI) joints. This is classic for pregnant moms. He keeps doing this until they strengthen up and he can't pull them apart. If they don't strengthen within a few days of doing this, then she may need to go see a chiropractor and get her SI joints checked. Often, the pubic bone won't release unless I've adjusted the SI joints and vice versa....since it's all connected.

Book Suggestion

Get this book asap: Relieving Pelvic Pain During and After Pregnancy: How Women Can Heal Chronic Pelvic Instability by Cecile Rost

You can find it here at my Amazon Store. on the Pregnancy Page.

I cannot begin to describe the difference it's made for me. I felt crippled at the end of my last pregnancy; I needed help to get in and out of bed and doing so still brought me to tears (somehow it seemed to not be an issue once labor got going, thankfully!, except that my son was posterior at the beginning) When it started up again this time, I tried going to a chiropractor (made it worse : /), and then someone suggested this book. It made a HUGE difference, almost immediately.

It includes a description of what's going on in your body, a number of excercises you can do to alleviate the problem, and instructions on how to manage the particularly difficult things (like rolling over in bed) with less pain in the meantime.