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Hypnobabies Home Study Contents


Divided into 5 Classes

Materials Include:


1) Track 1: Special Place
Track 2: Painless Childbirth
2) Track 1: Fear Release
Track 2: Deepening
3) Track 1: Learning Self-Hypnosis
Track 2: Creating Anesthesia
4) Track 1: Hypnotic Childbirth I
Track 2: Hypnotic Childbirth II
5) Track 1: Birthing Day Affirmations
Track 2: Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations – ok while driving
6) Track 1: Your Birth Guide – Easy First Stage
Track 2: Pushing Baby Out



1) Main Home Study Workbook

2) Quick Reference and Birth Partners Guide


Perineal Massage

Positions for Laboring out of Bed

We are using Hypnobabies door sign

How you can assist the Hypno-family

Nursing Baby sign


What is covered in each class?


Class 1:  Introduction to Hypnobabies:

Introduction to Hypnobabies’ Philosophies and Positive Mindset; Pregnancy Anatomy and Physiology; Belief Systems;

The Power of Words and How They Affect Us;

Bubble of Peace Script

How Your Mind Works – The Conscious and Subconscious;

What Hypnosis is and is NOT;

How Fear Affects Comfort and Length of Labor;

Fear Clearing for Childbirth;

The Importance of Daily Birthing Affirmations;

The Gifts Your Body Gives You – Your Beautiful Uterus and How it Works;

Partner Communication Exercise and the “Contract of Trust”.


Alternates listening to:

Painless Childbirth and Special Place

Class 2: Staying Healthy and Low Risk:

Importance of Diet in Pregnancy;

Nutritional Guidelines;

The High Protein Advantage;

Salt and Calcium in Pregnancy; Drinking Water for Two;

Avoidance of Harmful Substances;

Safe and Comfortable Prenatal

Sleeping and Resting Positions;

Natural Comfort Measures for Pregnancy;

Introduction of the Stages of Labor including the “Baby-Kindness” Stage;

Prenatal Exercises for Birth;


Creating Your “Mental Lightswitch”.


Alternates listening to:

Learning Self Hypnosis and Deepening


Class 3: Your Options in Birthing:

Interventions: The Domino Effect

The Importance of Making Excellent Birthing Decisions:  the “Big Secrets”. Detailed Childbirth Choices – Risks, Benefits and Alternatives for Common Procedures;

Getting Informed Consent, Hospital Forms and Your Rights;

Questions for  Caregivers - Consumer Issues and Positive Communication; Creating the Birth Plan of your Dreams;

Things you can do to avoid an Unnecessary Cesarean


Alternates listening to:

Creating Anesthesia and Deepening


Class 4: Your Birthing Time Begins:

Packing Your Birth Bag;

Touring Your Place of Birth;

Visualize Your Birth;

Your “Guess Date” and Normal Length of Pregnancy;

Preparing for your Birthing Day;

Signs of Birthing Beginning;

Amniotic Membranes Breaking – Your Safe Choices;

True vs. “False” Labor;

How to Time Your Birthing Waves (contractions);

Your Birth Log;

When to go to the Birth Place; Automatic Comfort and Relaxation on “The Drive” and Arrival at Your Place of Birth (if out of your home);


Using Hypnosis for Comfort During Internal Exams;

Dilation, Effacement, Position and Station of Baby;

The Beautiful Progress of Labor, Including Fast , Average and Slow or Stalled Labor;

Artificial Induction and Natural Induction Techniques;

Creating a Safe and Serene Birthing Environment;

Nausea Elimination;

Optimum Fetal Positioning.

MINI SCRIPT with Birth Partner “Relax Cue”

Birth Partners Training: Your Role During Pregnancy and Birthing Reviewed

How a Labor Assistant Can Help the Hypno-Partner;

4 Pages of Verbal Birthing Cues;

Physical Comfort Techniques;

The Change of Plans Hypnosis Script.

Alternates listening to:

Hypnotic Childbirth #1 and Deepening

Class 5: Enjoy Your Beautiful Birthing

Late First Stage Labor - Transition…or  “Transformation”; Hypnosis Deepening techniques;

Trusting in Your Body, Your Mind and your Baby;

Protecting the Hypno-Mom!;

Effective Positions for Birthing; Benefits and Use of the Birth Ball;

Exhale Pushing and Avoiding the “Ring of Fire” with Hypnosis;

Safe Birthing of the Placenta; Cord Traction,  Pitocin, Post-Partum Choices.

Review: Membranes Releasing, Hypnobabies Tools, Using Your Mental Lightswitch,

Fear Clearing for Childbirth;

Alternates listening to:

Hypnotic Childbirth #2 and Deepening


Directions on how to do a birth rehearsal with Birth Partner


Hypnobabies Review and Suggestions

Shifting the What ifs?

Alternates listening to:

Monday: Special Place CD

Tuesday: Deepening

Wednesday: Hypnotic Childbirth #1

Thursday: Painless Childbirth

Friday: Deepening CD

Saturday: Hypnotic Childbirth #2

Sunday:Fear Release