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We have many services to support you during your pregnancy and birth and as you adjust to parenting.

From pregnancy massage to breastfeeding support and all your needs in between. Enjoy Birth is one place where you can find (or be led to) all you need.

Take a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Class.

Many of the birthing mothers who use Hypnobabies experience only pressure or tightening sensations during birth. They have their babies in a state of deep relaxation, with little or no discomfort or fear using real hypno-anesthesia. Think it is too good to be true???? Click here to see it in action!

(Here is Jenn DURING a pressure wave, with husband Andrew using the Relax cue to help her go deeper relaxed and more comfortable.)

We also have a free mp3 you can download to get more information. Or come to one of our Orange County Open Houses to find out more.

Take an online class as a great refresher to other chidlbirth classes. It is also safe for moms studying hypnosis.

Hire a doula.

You will have an experienced, personalized guide walking along with you throughout your pregnancy and birthing time!

VBAC moms we provide special support for you! As parents working towards having a vaginal birth after cesarean, your challenges are unique.  We have experience in supporting VBAC moms and Sheridan has had 2 VBACs herself.

Abuse survivors we have a doulas with extra training to help support you during your birth.

Get a massage! Who wouldn't love an excuse to get a massage? Pregnant moms deserve extra pampering and there are many benefits for you and your baby!

Capture these memories!

We have some great photographers to capture pregnancy memories and the special moments with your new baby.

Buy what you REALLY need! Pregnancy Birth and Baby Store for the best products out there!

Take a Breastfeeding Class. Learn all you need to for the best start in feeding your baby.

Learn how to massage your baby. Along with other information for making your baby's adjustment to the outside world easier, you him AND you!

Birth Professionals learn how to best support Hypno-Moms! We provide training and other information, to help you better support moms using Hypnosis for Birth.

Sign up for a Newsletter about Pregnancy, Birth and Babies To keep you inspired and informed.

Borrow Something from our Comprehensive Lending Library We have a large selection of books and DVD's which are available for our Hypnobabies Students and Doula Clients to borrow. List of books and DVDs coming soon!