The top 10: Reasons Why I Moderate the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group

February 23, 2008 in Birth, Birth Stories, Childbirth Education, Hypnobabies

Here I am on vacation, checking e-mails and blogging.  I am the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group Moderator.  It probably takes me about 1 hour a day on average to be in charge of that group.  Well maybe 5 hours a week, there are not as many messages on the weekend.  I do not get paid for doing it, I volunteered to do it and I LOVE it. 

Why?  My husband wonders this a lot… here is my answer.

10.  I loved the group before I was an instructor, when I was a Hypnobabies Student myself.  It was empowering to find a group of women who didn’t say, “Why don’t you just get the epidural?”   There were other women out there who understood my desire for an un-medicated birth and encourage me to go for it!

9.  I love getting to know moms all over the world.  We have moms from USA, Europe, Australia, South America, Canada, New Zealand, and some cool islands like Tahiti.

8.  I love that this group of women for the most part are really supportive and kind and loving to each other.  Maybe once a year things get a little heated, but it is quickly and easily tamed.

7.  I love that these women believe in and TRUST birth.  They  also believe that birth can be COMFORTABLE and ENJOYABLE!

6.  I love that I have made a lot of online friends and even some IRL friends.  It is so fun to see moms on the group who I knew a from a few years ago, rejoin the group because they are expecting again and are using Hypnobabies again!

5.  I love answering these moms questions about Hypnobabies and normal birth stuff.

4.  I love that answering these questions helps me be a better instructor for my live Hypnobabies Classes.

3.  I love that I can help hundreds of women have better, more enjoyable births, rather than just 5 women at a time.  (5 is the limit on my live class size.)

2.  I love when these moms thank me for my help after their babies are born.  (My love language is words of affirmation)

and the number 1 reason is 

I love all the birth stories that the moms share.  I started my positive birth story website before I became a Hypnobabies Instructor, so the world could read all these wonderful, inspiring birth stories. 

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