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Since I no longer teach Hypnobabies Classes or take Doula Clients because of a move to a new state and my boys have grown.   So my focus is now on helping moms mother!  I now offer Life Coaching and Parenting Classes, which you can learn more about at

Here are some ways I love to support expecting moms.

I have 3 books about Birth for You!

I have 3 online childbirth classes to help expecting mothers.

Because I still love pregnant moms and helping them. 

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  • The Gift of Giving life explores the spirituality of pregnancy and birth.  I co-authored a book by this title.
  • Know Your Options: Before, During and After Birth – This will help you learn all the different choices you have and the pros and cons of them.
  • Clearing Negative Birth Experiences is for moms who have had a challenging birth and want some help moving past that.

I hope you enjoy these classes, I know they will give you tips and tools to help you along your journey.

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