Moms Deserve Medals

You don’t get a medal for motherhood, but maybe you should!

(I am on sabbatical for the summer of 2023 – I’ll be back in the Fall!)

The sacrifices that we make starting in pregnancy, through birth and then that first year are HUGE!

For some moms the sacrifices might start

  • while they are trying to get pregnant.
  • with morning sickness.
  • with bedrest to help the baby stay in longer.
  • with the birth.
  • with struggling with breastfeeding.
  • with sleepless nights.

Regardless of when the sacrifices start, one thing is for sure.

All moms make sacrifices!

We don’t make these sacrifices FOR a medal, but we certainly do DESERVE one.

A medal inspired by 2 real life moms.

This medal makes a cute fun gift for any mom.

Who Deserves a Medal?

When I started this site I was thinking of the how Natural Childbirth Moms are told, “You don’t get a medal for not using drugs.”

But as I started thinking I realized ALL Moms deserve medals. Here are some reasons I came up with.

Please leave a comment with any of your ideas!

  • Natural Childbirth Moms – birthing without medication is empowering and amazing and, of course, you don’t do it FOR a medal. But you do DESERVE one!
  • Epidural Mom – Maybe you were planning on a natural birth, but your birth lasted so long, you chose an epidural so you could rest. Maybe you got the epidural in the parking lot. Either way, you pushed your baby out! You didn’t do it FOR a medal, but you do DESERVE one!
  • Cesarean Moms – Maybe you gave up your dream for a vaginal birth because your baby was breech. Maybe you had was a scary emergency situation that required a cesarean. Maybe you had a long birthing time and you made the choice for a cesarean. No matter why you had one, you chose to have a major surgery for your baby! You didn’t do it FOR a medal. But you do DESERVE one!
  • VBAC Moms – There were people who said it couldn’t be done. Maybe you had to fight for the right to birth the way you wanted to! Either way you DID IT! You didn’t do it FOR a medal, but you do DESERVE one!
  • PUPPS – You had the Horrible Pregnancy Rash and survived! There are a few select moms who know the itchiness you suffered and I am one of them. YOU totally DESERVE a medal!
  • Adoptive Mom – You didn’t birth the baby, but you worked long and hard and sacrificed to get the baby. You didn’t do it FOR a medal, but you do DESERVE one!
  • Birth Mom – You birthed this baby and chose to give it to a family who has longed for one. You didn’t do it FOR a medal, but you do DESERVE one!
  • Surrogate Mom – You carried and birthed this baby for another woman. You didn’t do it FOR a medal, but do you DESERVE one!
  • Foster Mom – You take care of and love this baby. A baby you won’t have the joy of watching grow up. You don’t do it FOR a medal, but you do DESERVE one!
  • Breastfeeding Mom – You may have struggled the first few weeks of breastfeeding, but you stuck it out! Maybe breastfeeding came easy to you, but you don’t get much of a break. Any breastfeeding mom DESERVES a medal!
  • Working Moms – You work hard to provide for your baby. You miss being with your baby, but know you are doing what is best for your family. You don’t do it FOR a medal, but you do DESERVE one!
  • SAHM – You are home all day without a break. You don’t do it FOR a medal, but you do DESERVE one!
  • Mom of a New Baby – You eat with one hand, you sleep in short spurts, you meet your little one’s every need. You don’t do it FOR a medal, but you do DESERVE one!

Medal Details

The Medal design was drawn by one of my doula clients, using a compilation of some of my favorite birth pictures.

The Medals are all “Gold” Medals and the design is laser etched onto the medal.

They are 2 3/4 inch circle. They are made out of metal and weigh over 1.2 ounces.

Here is a picture of what the medal looks like.

Moms deserve medals

Each Medal comes with a purple ribbon and in a gift bag (bag color may change).

Costs and Shipping

Each laser etched medal costs $9.95 with free shipping.


Right now I am only shipping in the US.

If you are in Canada or somewhere else, please contact me and we can see if we can arrange something.

I ship smaller quantities first class mail. The medals should arrive in 4-6 business days.

If you buy 10 or more you get Free PRIORITY Shipping!  Perfect for Doulas or Midwives looking for a fun gift to give to their clients!  🙂

Who Should Buy a Mom a Medal?

Dads – Buy one for the mother of your child. Regardless of how this baby came to you, she is awesome and deserves a medal!

Midwives – Buy them for your clients. They are awesome and deserve a medal!

Doulas – Medals make the perfect gift for your postpartum visit. Your clients worked hard and deserve a medal!

Childbirth Educators – Buy them for your students. They are proactive in learning how to have the best birth possible! They deserve a medal!

Adoptive Parents – Buy one for your birth mom. She is giving you an amazing gift and deserves a medal.

Moms – Feel free to buy one for yourself! You deserve a medal!

Kids – Buy one for your mom! What a great mother’s day gift. She deserves a medal!



– from Stand and Deliver said, ” I’ve always wanted to carry one of these for when some obnoxious person says: “You don’t get a medal for having a baby naturally/breastfeeding/having a home birth/(fill in the blank).”

“Yes you do!” (Whips out medal.)”


I am a doula who was looking for an inexpensive, but meaningful gift for my clients. I have given 3 clients medals so far and they have all gotten a big smile when they opened them. One put it right on and said, “I do deserve this!”

Mom of 8

“I recently had my 8th baby and when my doula came for a visit after the baby was born, she gave me a medal. It made me so happy! It was pretty neat to get a medal after having 8 babies! I deserve one for each.” – Valerie


I am a mom of 3 boys with 3 very different birth experiences; emergency cesarean, VBAC with epidural and un-medicated VBAC.

I am also a Hypnobabies Childbirth Educator and am a birth doula. I love working with pregnant and new moms. Most of the moms I work with are planning for a natural birth. The original inspiration for these medals is the comment “You don’t get a medal for natural childbirth.”

I started thinking, “Why Not?”

When you run a marathon, you prepare for months ahead of time and then the day of the race you run and run and run and work SO hard! I am sure when you cross the finish line you are just so happy and proud because you DID it, you accomplished your goal! You didn’t run the marathon FOR the medal. But you do DESERVE a medal!

The comparison between birth and a marathon is not perfect, but after attending a long, challenging home birth of one of my doula clients, I thought, “She DOES deserve a medal!” She was strong and powerful and worked longer and harder than running a marathon. So I wanted to design a medal for her.

I have a doula client who is an artist and she was kind enough to draw up the design for the medal, using a few different pictures I had from different moms births. I found some different options for making the actual medals and started creating my website.

Then while I was in the process of doing all of this, I had a mom who needed a surprise cesarean for a breech baby. I realized that she deserved a medal just as much as the other mom. I thought about all the sacrifices different moms make and realize ALL moms deserve medals. Suddenly my idea was so much bigger than what it started as. But that is how all great things start, with a small idea. So hence Moms Deserve Medals was born.

I know that you know at least one mom who deserves a medal. Buy her one and share your appreciation for all she does.

(I am on sabbatical for the summer of 2023 – I’ll be back in the Fall!)

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