Enjoy Your Pregnancy and Birth Links

Thank you for reading Enjoy Your Pregnancy and Birth with Hypnosis.

Here are the links from the book.


Hypnobabies Yahoo Group – No longer active, there is now support on the Hypnobabies forums.

Pregnancy Birth and Babies –http://www.pregnancybirthandbabies.com/

My Story



My Hypnobabies Classes

Hypno-Doula Services

Bryson’s Birth Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA7Y_DnC_kA

Bryson’s Birth Story – https://enjoybirth.com/bryson-birth-story.html

Healing Hypnosis CD – Healing Garden

Sleeping Hypnosis CD for Kids  –

Younger kids

Older Kids

On the Spot Hypnotic Suggestions  for healing – I read the book Verbal First Aid which gave me tools to use suggestion to help my children, from everything from a scraped knee to surgery.

Miscarriage Hypnosis CD – Gentle Release http://www.janetfieldhypnotherapy.com/GeneralStore/specialpregbirthstore.php

Power Nap Hypnosis CD – Power Nap CD

What is Hypnosis?

FAQ about Hypnosis

New York Times Article

Eliminate Stree Free Track

Hypnosis helps during pregnancy

Eliminate Nausea Now

Baby Stay In

Turn your breech baby

Baby Come Out

Hypnobabies helps during birth

Photos in Life Magazine hypnosis for birth 1958

Placenta Encapsulation

After the Baby Comes

Breastfeeding Success

Parenting Affirmations

Picking a Childbirth Hypnosis Program

Reviews of different hypnosis for birth programs – Coming soon

Live Course or Home Study

Hypnobabies Home Study

HypnoBirthing Book

HypnoBirthing Live Classes

Hypnobabies Live Classes

My personal comparison of HypnoBirthing and Hypnobabies

Course Outline of Hypnobabies Live Class

Comparison of Hypnobabies Home Study and Hypnobabies Live Course

Supportive Birth Team


Picking the best birth team for you

Birth Choices on my Podcast

Hypnosis works for moms who want Natural Childbirth

Birth and Teeth Video

Hypnosis and root canals


CDs for healing from cesarean and returning to peace

CDs specifically for VBAC support

ICAN – http://www.ican-online.org/

Encourage Birth Partners to help with hypnosis

Enjoy Birth You Tube Channel

Hypnobabies Cheat Sheet

Falling Asleep During Scripts

Justine’s full birth story

Birth Location

Hospital birth videos

  • Missy’s Birth – Good hospital birth showing mom vocalizing through pressure waves and interacting with her care provider.
  • Childbirth with Hypnosis – This is my birth video with Bryson – hospital VBAC

Home Birth Video

Water Birth Videos

Aware of what is going on?

Bryson’s Birth – Childbirth with Hypnosis

Change of Plan Tool

Example of one time I used the Change of Plans Script during my doula experience


Induction Video


Family Centered Cesarean

Gentle Cesarean

Cesarean Hypnosis Set

Hypnosis after birth

Cesarean recovery

– Healing after Cesarean

C-section recovery CD

Emotional healing after birth – Returning to Peace


Losing weight

Parenting Affirmations

After the baby comes

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