A Great Tool to Help You Survive PUPPS (pregnancy rash)

I am so excited to announce that my e-book, Toolkit to Survive and Beat PUPPS is now available here for FREE!

Do you have a Pregnancy Rash?

I got a horrible rash when I was pregnant with Bryson.  The doctors were not concerned and really only had a few ideas to help me.  Some did, but not all the way.

I suffered for weeks until I finally found some tools to help me.

I even resorted to sleeping with socks on my hands, so I wouldn’t scratch myself while I slept.

Also it was so painful to wear anything touching my stomach, so I spent a lot of time wearing interesting things…. I would dread going out of the house because I would have to put clothes on.

Does your Doctor know how to help with your pregnancy rash?

Typically since it isn’t dangerous for mom and baby, they tend to not be to concerned.   (Being itchy WITHOUT a rash – can be a serious problem that puts baby at risk…. so definitely let your doctor know if this happens!)

From what I hear from most Moms suffering from PUPPS they don’t have the support or empathy from their doctors and it is frustrating and lonely.

Tool kit to survive and beat PUPPS (pregnancy rash)

I wanted to offer help and support to moms suffering with this problem.

So I gathered all I had learned and even asked other moms for their experiences and gathered it all together into a free e-book you can download.

This is not medical advice, but ideas that have worked for other moms and even a chart you can fill out with what you try and to track if it helps!

Click here to Download Your Copy of Survive PUPPS now!

cover of Survive PUPPS book

There is nothing to lose and Lots to Gain!

  • comfort
  • relief
  • sleeping without socks on your hands 🙂
  • and much more!

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