How Can I Take a Hypnobabies Class?

Taking a Live Class

Check Hypnobabies to find an instructor near you!

Babies at a Hypnobabies Class Reunion

Help, I don’t have an Instructor in My Area!

If you don’t have a Hypnobabies Instructor in your area, then using the Hypnobabies Home Study Course is a great option. With the choice of online or materials shipped to you.

The Hypnobabies Home Study Course is very complete.

Also everyone who buys the Hypnobabies Home Study has access to e-mail and the ability to call a Hypnobabies Instructor with any questions you may have. So it is a great way to go if you don’t have a Hypnobabies Instructor in your area.

I had quite a few doula clients who took the Home Study and they were just as successful as my in person students.

Is Hypnobabies really worth it?

I hear that question over and over again.  The answer is YES, it is worth every penny!

You will get the most complete childbirth hypnosis program out there! You will develop amazing tools you can use during your pregnancy and birth as well as throughout your life!

Or read any of the hundreds of birth stories I have collected from Hypnobabies Moms to see how much it has helped them!

But wait, I can take a different hypnosis for birth class in my area.

Would that be better than a home study course?

Not necessarily, I think it is important you find out what the live class includes! You want to compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges. I took a different hypnosis for birth class for my 2nd birth and then Hypnobabies for my 3rd. They were TOTALLY different and I had SO many more tools and more information with Hypnobabies.

I would ask a lot of questions before deciding which to choose.

Such as:

  1. Is there a CD of a fear release script? If we do it in class, but then later I have more fears, how can I release them?
  2. How many scripts do I get?
  3. Are there scripts especially for my birthing day?
  4. Are there specific things for my birth partner to do to help me stay deeply in hypnosis?
  5. Do you teach “eyes-open” hypnosis? Will I be able to walk and talk and still be deeply in hypnosis and comfortable?

These are all things that Hypnobabies (live AND Home Study) DOES have.

With other hypnosis for childbirth classes I have found it depends A LOT on who the instructor is and what they may have added to their courses. So you just don’t know for sure what you will get unless you ask a lot of questions.

Want to learn more about hypnosis for pregnancy and birth?

I have a book for you!

Cover of hypnosis and birth book

So how can you take Hypnobabies?

Search for Live Hypnobabies course  in your area, or buy the Hypnobabies Home Study if you don’t have an instructor in your area.

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