20/20 Birth Segment

If you missed it you can see it here.    I love that it is making people “think” about birth.  Though many seem to be angry with the thought of birth being enjoyable. 

I know it can be enjoyable.  I had a comfortable, fun and unmedicated birth with Bryson using Hypnobabies.  Which started me on this journey to become a doula and Hypnobabies Instructor.   

I have seen Orgasmic Birth and enjoyed it.  My review can be read here

Maybe the 20/20 show will at least help some moms to think outside the box.  I was thrilled to see that hypnosis for childbirth was mentioned.  🙂

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2 Comments on “20/20 Birth Segment

  1. that got me excited too, so much so that I high five’d my friend who was with me. a friend that saw my ENJOYABLE birth experience that i had with willem.

    fancy that. a birth i enjoyed. it’s hard to not just get pregnant over and over again. lol


  2. not sure if you watch much t.v.

    i was watching the premiere of Damages last night.
    one part that really struck me.
    there was one part where ellen (the main character) presented a “fake” court case to her boss patty.

    it was an infant mortality case. something about lower class women’s HMOs not paying for a c-section so they’re forced into having natural births and “all these babies are dying”…

    is it just me or is the undertone of this really strong? if you don’t have a surgical birth, but instead have a natural birth. your baby will die.

    very sad what people are hearing..


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