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June 29, 2009 in Birth, Birth Care Provider, Birth Stories, Cesarean, Choose Wisely

(this is not meant as medical advice, this is to remind moms everywhere that you have rights…. choose to use them!  Trust your body!  Choose care givers who trust your body!  Make educated decisions.  Care providers give you information… you have to decipher it and choose how to use it, ask questions, get answers you are satisfied with, if you aren’t satisfied remember it is never to late to change to a new care provider or you can choose to just say NO!)

SO many moms today are being told they are having BIG babies.  Some are being told this from their 20 week ultrasound.  Some moms are getting routine late term ultrasound  and then told the baby is getting “too big”

This seems to be a tactic to convince moms to get induced or to schedule a cesarean.

What can you do if you are told you have a big baby?

1.  Do your Research (here are some links to get you started)

Big Baby Bull page – This page has links to more information, definition of big baby, accuracy of ultrasounds, cesarean or induction choices.  There are also a lot of stories from moms, L&D nurses and a video too.

There is a whole website on Big Babies.  I love this quote from the site.

I heard a great analogy from an obstetrician once, that likened trying to predict the size of a baby before birth, by ultrasound, to trying to guess the weight of a man, sitting in a bath full of water, in the room next door by measuring his waist and thigh bone. When you look at it like that it really does become apparent how ludicrous these gross measures we use are!

2.  Get a Second Opinion

Some OBs do a LOT of cesareans and inductions because of “big babies” but maybe this is just an excuse so they can plan births.

A Labor and Delivery nurse shares a story about a mom who has a cesarean because of a suspected big baby – “near 9 pounds” (which isn’t really even BIG) and the baby ends up being 7 pounds 9 ounces.   It turns out this is an OB who uses this “scare tactic” a lot!  The nurse covers really well the truth about the ability to determine the size of babies before birth.

Here is another story of a “big baby” who turned out to be small.

3.  Follow your Intuition

What do YOU think?  Before your care provider said you were having a big baby, before they said there may be issues…. How were you feeling?

How are you feeling now?  Don’t let FEAR be a factor in your choice.  It is hard to figure out what your intuition is saying when you are full of fear.  How can you let go of that fear?  Here are some ideas.

But what if the baby IS big?

Well, guess what – Fat smushes and lots of big babies are born vaginally!  2 of my babies were 9 pounds.  Here is a great positive vaginal birth story of an 11 pound 5 ounce baby.    Here is another one of a 12 pound 9 ounce baby born vaginally.   Here is another great one.  My wife had an 11+ pound baby at home!

Jill, who has the Unnecesarean Blog wrote about her experience and how she avoided an unnecesary cesarean by educating herself and fighting for her right to have a vaginal birth.  She refused to be scared by OB’s before or during her birth!

Here is a great video by moms who were told they were unable to birth big babies and went on to birth BIGGER babies vaginally.


To inspire you more, here is a video of a mom singing during the birth of her 10 pound baby.


Part of it is having a care provider who isn’t scared of birth.  Part of it is believing in your body and your baby.

Only YOU know what is the best choice for you.  For some it may be induction, for some it may be cesarean but for most it will be waiting until their baby decides it is time to be born.  That may take guts to say no, it may mean changing care providers, it may take sacrifice.  Remember, this is not meant as medical advice, it is to remind moms everywhere that you have rights…. choose to use them!  It is YOUR body and YOUR birth.

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