I remember the post by Rixa about a year ago about Birth Track.  I was appalled that the medical community would think this was “better”.  It didn’t really surprise me.   Then Nursing Birth just posted about another option Labor Pro.  So soon hospitals will have 2 machines to choose from.

The crazy thing is they both advertise these as non-invasive.  But they both require clips be attatched to the cervix and a monitor to be screwed into the baby’s head.   This is considered non-invasive?

I found a video showing how the Labor Pro works.   Hmm, what do we notice when watching this video?  The woman has no head.  It is all about the body and what the computer thinks.  Not about how the mom feels or what the baby is capable of doing.

Let’s say you are a mom, and you go to the hospital.

  • First they break your water (increases risk of infection)
  • Insert screw in baby’s head (another chance for infection to be introduced)
  • Attach some clips to your cervix (another chance for infection to be introduced) I am sure this is so comfortable too!
  • Then they measure your pelvis, luckily it doesn’t look like they put anything in you to do that.
  • Then they use a computerized finger to measure the head and station.  (another chance for infection) again I imagine this is comfortable too?

After awhile they may say, “The Labor Pro says you are not a good candidate for vaginal birth.  The baby’s head is too big to fit or your contractions are not strong enough…. fill in the blanks”    Well what do you say to that the Labor PRO says so and it must be true.

Or what if they find the baby is posterior.  How are you going to get up and try different positions to help the baby turn when you have all these wires, etc attatched to you?

I think it will probably increase cesarean rates.

I imagine at  first they will say, this is just for the high risk moms.  But once they buy one or five of these systems, they need to justify the cost so they start to use it on everyone.    In 10 years they won’t even have the old fashioned external monitors available for moms to have as an option.

I’ve seen the future and it looks a little scary to me.  I don’t even know how to fight against this.

Hmmm wait,  maybe if we let them wear this non-invasive technology while they go about their work.

I am sure 2 clips on their testicles won’t bother them a bit.  (My DH added, that they also should screw something into their head to get the full effect!)

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  1. ewww! This makes me glad I’ve already had my babies…hopefully it doesn’t “catch on” with most of the obstetric community.

  2. Im feeling ill!

    Im sure the media will make this out as a great advance in technology that will save lives. Some things are better left alone and birth is one of those things!

  3. It’s all about making money. These companies are making these machines, so they can sell them to hospitals, and make money from the sales. You can bet they will put a very heavy marketing plan in place to ensure that hospital reps are absolutely, totally convinced that they cannot deliver babies without the use of these machines.

    And believe me when I say, if one of these machines makes its way to my L&D unit, I will QUIT MY JOB.

    Wait a second…that was a knee jerk reaction. Better yet: I’ll NOT quit my job, but instead, FIGHT for women’s rights to NOT be hooked up to this very invasive piece of crap!

  4. Atyourcervix, you’re the second nurse to insist that she will up and quit if LaborPro or Birthtrack arrives in her own L&D department. Do I sense a potential movement afoot? If enough L&D nurses protested this and threatened to quit, this could make all the difference!

  5. ewww this is getting to be unbelievable!! wow. How much pain does the mother and the BABY endure during this procedure. This is awful! oh my! love the last sentence BTW! lol

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