Seeing is believing!

I have been thinking about the very diverse reactions to 2 different birth stories.

  • Giselle VS  Kourtney
  • Both had positive birth experiences.
  • Giselle talked about hers and People SAW Kourtney’s.

Was there a difference in their responses?

YES!  People were much more doubtful and even critical of what Giselle said.  It is interesting how when they SEE Kourtney having a beautiful, calm birth other moms are inspired and easily believe it.

Kudos to Kourtney and Giselle for showing that birth can be normal and wonderful!

I am actually in the process of editing a few different moms birth videos.  A few of my doula clients have willingly shared their footage so I can share with my Hypnobabies students!

Here is a sneak peak of some.  I promise to share full versions in the next few weeks!


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