How many moms have seen and been inspired by this birth video?


Over 2,600,000 people have watched it!

Some wonder if she was using Hypnobabies.

YES, she was.  Here is what her doula said.

Doula Micky’s view point

Yes, I am in the video – sitting on the floor in the red shirt beside her. Temple is a close friend of mine and I was her doula for this birth. She did the Hypnobabies home study as this was before I became an instructor. I told her about Hypnobabies and encouraged her to do it. She gave birth to a HUGE baby, at home, shortly after the singing you see in the video.

My favorite “Hypnobabies moment” was when she came downstairs after laying down on the bed for a while, listening to the cds. She looked like she was asleep but was really listening to the cds. She came downstairs and said she wasn’t sure if the hypnosis was working because she wasn’t feeling anything. She was concerned that her labor had stopped. This was her third birth and she was used to pain! I of course, told her that I was pretty sure that meant it was working. 🙂

Had I been more knowledgeable about hypnosis at the time, I would have helped her stay in hypnosis and helped her go back to the cds but that is when she did the singing. Then she went through transformation and got in the tub and had her sweet baby boy. So, as Kerry says, moms have the births they need to have. Had she not done her singing, we wouldn’t be having this conversation and she wouldn’t have impacted so many people (thousands) with their video and song on youtube and itunes.

You can read Temple’s Birth story here. Her baby was 10 pounds!  Another inspirational “big baby” story.

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  1. Beautiful! I love her voice, and the song is so moving! I can see how singing during labor could be absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂

  2. Singing is a fantastic thing to do during pregnancy and the birthing process. It releases endorphins, to reduce pain; it oxygenates the blood; stimulates the system; calms mother and baby; focuses the mind away from pain – and lovingly on the baby; and the belly breathing can ease and speed the birth process!

    Singing should be taught as an integral part of every birth, without fear of negative judgement. A mother’s voice is perfection to the child she is carrying, even if SHE doesn’t think she has a good voice. Totally therapeutic for mother AND child!
    Beth Lawrence,

  3. deelahthedoula

    Oh yes, I never tire of hearing Temple’s story – and am honored to know both! 🙂

    I love this vid and am moved to tears by it often! :)x2

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