I really miss my baby!   My mom made me laugh yesterday and my incision is bleeding a little bit now.  Nurse was not ready for us so he didn’t start to eat until 9:30.  So Mom and I are going back at 12:30 because he moves back to St. Jo’s in the afternoon.  Mom and I will go back at 9PM.  Rob has to work until 9:30 tonight.

Wow – CRP is down to 1.9.  He is maybe coming home later today.

Nurse says yes!

He will get circumcised by Dr. Sing first. (What was I thinking circumcising him after a traumatic NICU stay?  If I had a boy today I wouldn’t circumcise in any instance.  This shows how as moms we learn and grow and change.  So sorry T1, I wish I hadn’t done that.)

We are heading home to get camera and camcorder.  Coming home outfit, etc.  I must go pump first.

OK – car seat is installed – now we are just waiting for them to call.

I called Rob and if they call soon enough he can go.  But it is already 4:10 so I doubt he will make it.  I tried to sleep but am too excited.

We have the baby!

We picked him up at 8PM.  Rob couldn’t make it, he was so sad about that.  If we had had a days notice he could have rearranged everything.  They just let us carry him out.  Mom carried him.  We dressed him in his outfit.  It is a preemie size and it is huge!  We took tons of pictures.  His circumcision hurts him when we change his diaper.

(It felt so surreal being able to take him home. Like he was really MINE!  Before that it seemed like he belonged to the hospital.  I would “put him away” in the box and go home.  The whole thing was so surreal.  I only had 12 days of NICU parenting.  Other people have MONTHS!)

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  1. Circumcision is such a hot issue. I fret about it all the time. I carry a lot of guilt for Caleb’s circumcision. Did you end up circumcising all your boys? Dan says now that we have done Caleb, we can’t leave the rest of our boys intact. But the more we talk about it the more I think Dan is on board of letting me make the decision.

  2. I actually did circumcise all our boys. I really didn’t’ want to with T3, but Rob said the same thing as Dan.
    A few months after he was born I was talking to a mom of 5 and she said her first 2 were and her next 3 were not.
    I said, “Anne, if you had only told me this a few months ago you could have saved T3’s foreskin!”
    She pointed out they never really see each other naked and if they asked she explained she had learned it wasn’t necessary.
    If we have another boy we will NOT be circumcising. It was after I realized it is really cosmetic. Why would we perform a cosmetic surgery on a newborn baby?

  3. Yay, he came home!

    I have mixed feelings about circumcision. All 4 of our boys are circumcised, and I honestly don’t know if I would do it again if we were to have another boy. I don’t really have regrets, especially since none of them have had anything go wrong, but it’s something that is on my mind a lot.

  4. I have one circ’d brother and 2 intact ones. Maybe wasn’t aware of it because I’m a girl, but I don’t think it was ever really an issue for them. To me, the logic of “we did the first one, so we have to do the rest” is a case of “two wrongs don’t make a right.” The more I read about circumcision, the more strongly I feel about it, but I recognize that my point of view would likely be different if I had a circ’d husband and all circ’d male family members.

    Thank you for sharing your NICU experience with T1 with us.

    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It would be interesting to ask your brothers if it ever was a big deal to them. I will have to ask my friend if her boys ever cared.

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